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  1. NASA saw an asteroid that barely missed Australia 2 days ago. In a report from NASA, via The Palomar Observatory, an asteroid came very close to the continent of Australia two days ago. It was not seen until it was right on top of Australia because of the brightness of the sun's light. Another asteroid is supposed to *impact* the earth on November the 2nd, 2020. For those who care, that's one day before the American Presidential Election! lol I did not see the size of this asteroid in the report that I read, nor where on the earth that it might impact. One would think that this would be all over the news, but the only place that I've seen it reported on, is here on the internet. NASA has a website that follows space objects (or at least most of them!) coming near the earth, and it's mentioned there. I'm sorry that I did not get the URL for that website. This sounds like a movie, but I assure you, that's it's real! Peace, Wayist