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  1. Immortals?

    I don't know where to put this, on what section of the forums, so I thought that I'd put it here. Apologies if it's posted to the wrong section of this forum. First, I've described Lao Zi as riding on "a Water Buffalo", I'm not sure that any body really cares, but most of the discussions of the animal that he was riding on, say that it was an OX. OK, I wanna ask about Daoist "Immortals". When you write using this word, are you meaning people who literally have become so at One with the Dao, that they live, literally FOREVER? THEY DON'T DIE. Or hundreds of years, or thousands of years? I realize that to ask "how does one do this?" Is almost comical. I've read one of Red Pine's books about traveling in the Wu Dang Mountains in China, seeking out Daoist hermits, but a hermit, is a way different thing, then an Immortal. Or it seems so to me! I'm not in any way mocking that one might be able to live to a very, very old life, but I guess that I do not understand what the word "Immortals" used in a Daoist sense actually means. Might someone here be able to speak to this, and help me to understand it? Thanks, Wayist P.S. This seems like it might be a very lonely kind of life, if one lives forever, with only a few others to share this with, but that's just me.