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Found 3 results

  1. Patent: apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness And also interesting are the patents referring to or referenced by: Cited Patent Filing date Publication date Applicant Title US2466054 * Sep 27, 1947 Apr 5, 1949 Siebel Victor H Method and apparatus for minimizing pain caused by drilling teeth US3160159 * Jan 4, 1960 Dec 8, 1964 Hoody Jusha Borisovich Device for inducing sleep US3576185 * Jun 19, 1968 Apr 27, 1971 Saba Gmbh Sleep-inducing method and arrangement using modulated sound and light US3712292 * Jul 20, 1971 Jan 23, 1973 Karen Lafley V Method and apparatus for producing swept frequency-modulated audio signal patterns for inducing sleep US3753433 * Jan 18, 1971 Aug 21, 1973 Aquarius Electronics Electroencephalophone and feedback system US3826243 * Jul 10, 1972 Jul 30, 1974 Anderson W Brainwave analysis and feedback method and apparatus US3837331 * Oct 24, 1972 Sep 24, 1974 S Ross System and method for controlling the nervous system of a living organism US3884218 * Sep 30, 1970 May 20, 1975 Monroe Ind Inc Method of inducing and maintaining various stages of sleep in the human being US4034741 * Feb 17, 1976 Jul 12, 1977 Solitron Devices, Inc. Noise generator and transmitter US4141344 * Mar 2, 1978 Feb 27, 1979 Barbara Louis J Sound recording system US4227516 * Dec 13, 1978 Oct 14, 1980 Meland Bruce C Apparatus for electrophysiological stimulation US4335710 * Jan 16, 1980 Jun 22, 1982 Omnitronics Research Corporation Device for the induction of specific brain wave patterns US4573449 * Mar 8, 1983 Mar 4, 1986 Warnke Egon F Method for stimulating the falling asleep and/or relaxing behavior of a person and an arrangement therefor US4834701 * Jul 24, 1985 May 30, 1989 Ken Hayashibara Apparatus for inducing frequency reduction in brain wave US4883067 * May 15, 1987 Nov 28, 1989 Neurosonics, Inc. Method and apparatus for translating the EEG into music to induce and control various psychological and physiological states and to control a musical instrument US5036858 * Mar 22, 1990 Aug 6, 1991 Carter John L Method and apparatus for changing brain wave frequency US5101831 * Jul 12, 1991 Apr 7, 1992 Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. System for discriminating sleep state
  2. Hi all, Those that have read my posts before may be aware that I began meditating due to chronic anxiety and insomnia. Although overall my condition has improved, I notice it comes back in waves. I am going through a change right now with promising yet risky career prospects on the horizon. With this, and Christmas coming up (my parents and siblings are totally disbanded which is sad and difficult for me as I'm therefore responsible for keeping three different branches happy) I know this will be causing it. The interesting thing is, when I shut my eyes at night, I am not conscious of what is causing my anxiety and insomnia. I can be relaxed, and mindful of my breathing, yet my mind is screaming all sorts of things and being very disruptive. Like I say, all sorts of things...nothing particularly related to something I am consciously worried about. That is the background anyway. I don't expect any answers but the context might help people understand where I'm coming from with the next question: ------ So anyway, I am practicing breathing into the Dan Tien. I find that anything else is too advanced for me and I need to return to basic breathing practice. I have noticed that I am doing this successfully, and can gain peace from my motor-mind. However, I also notice accelerating heart-rate. Again, no idea what is causing it, something completely subconscious. But I will sit, and feel good about being sat in meditation, but slightly weirded out by my heart panicking by itself. Is anybody able to give me an insight into what is going on? Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear Ones, let me cross link the post I made regarding my own experience in Sun Gazing. This topic is highly important for humanity these days, since it boosts consciousness and personal development by lightyears! Feel free to comment on the original post (or here) - since I do not want to double post this here, just make the information more wider available to anyone who is interested. Namaste.