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Found 6 results

  1. A Shamatha Meditation Based on Symbolism, Visualization, Mnemonics and Classical Conditioning. This 3-level meditation method is based on pure psychology and a completely rational method to develop focus, objectivity, discipline, inner purification, a desire for liberation, inner stillness, understanding ‘destructive normality’, and a preparedness to walk on the path of spirituality. You can read the disclaimers given at the top to understand the objective of the meditation:
  2. new Burgs blog on concentration, thought some meditation bums might find this insightful goes along with what i've been saying about having a practice that restrains the mind vs letting it do its own thing as crucial. concentration seems to be the faculty people are lacking nowadays, with all the stimulation and gratification of technology etc. and also learning in a live environment for the best chance of making smooth progress.
  3. I am practicing Chi Kung for over one year intensly and I observed, that I lost a huge aount of my ability to concentrate. (Measured by watching a second hand on a watch. Less than 14 sec., actually vs. 40 year ago). I also feel much more unconcentrated in my job! Okay, I am 49 yrs now; maybe it has to do with aging. But,whatever the reason for this loss is: I need and I want to enhance my ability to concentrate! But how? The meditation (I don't know the name) in which one observes his/her own breath would fit well in my program. Question: Does this kind of medtation enhance concentration? Or do you (I ask experienced meditators) recommend something else? I read the book "Concentration" of Mouni Sadhu which deals with watching a second hand as a means for enhancing concentration, but.... really.... is there no other way? This is very dry stuff! Thank you in advance!
  4. I am training according to the UHT System of Mantak Chia for seven months now and I'm doing the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit once to twice every day. One of the most remakable results for me is that I've become a much happier person and the depressive feelings I often had in the past have almost vanished. But what I miss ia a noticeable improvement of my abilities to visualize and to concentrate. Am I too impatient? Imho these meditations come across like being a litte bit too hectic - instead of concentrating on one point for a longer time, one chages the focus continuously. So, that's why I am thinking about integrating additional meditations into my dayli routine to improve concentration and visualization (I'm very poor at both) and I am drawing IIH from F. Bardon and "Concentration" from Mouni Sadhu into my consideration. But since these systems are not taoistic, they feel a litte bit "alien" to me. To me it doesn't feel like these systems fit well to my taoist training. Has anybody similare experiences and do you know some taoist alternatives to enhance concentration and visualization effectively? (Sorry for the typo in the headline - can't edit it)
  5. Yo! So I fancied experimenting. I usually meditate in full lotus these days with my eyes shut in addition to my regular kung fu practice. However, after learning the techniques of Zazen, I couldn't help but resist trying out this new form. The practice is fairly similar to what I usually do...counting breaths to calm the mind but I usually then trail off onto what i need to focus on for that particular session. In Zazen, the counting is the sole focus and there is one major difference - the eyes are half open (as advised by many practitioners/teachers) and focussed at the floor roughly three feet in front. I found this extremely hard! All of a sudden, there are so many more distractions present that I am needing to avoid such as my eyelids flickering and going cross eyed. I guess this is the same as my kung fu forms, but at least in martial arts I'm moving so the temptation for the mind to wander is less. What are your experiences with half-open eyes? What are your opinions on Zazen? I would like to know more, and if you recommend half-open eyes as a good form of training concentration, mindfulness, and all round meditation
  6. Lucid dreaming and dream interpretation is a part of many of the spiritual traditions of the past and is mentioned in many of the world religions. A good meditation and statement of realization/affirmation/mantra/whatever you do, to do at night before bed is to silently affirm to yourself, "I remember my dreams and am conscious while dreaming." It is also more healthy to gradually drift into sleep, than to pass out immediately. Another one to do in the daytime is, "My concentration is becoming perfect." And, "My concentration is perfect." Do not phrase an affirmation like "I will remember my dreams tonight", because your mind will then think that it is something that always will happen in the future, but not now in the present time, which is what time it always is. To mentally realize the statement to yourself is also more powerful than repeating a mantra over and over. You should also get in the habit of writing down your dreams when you wake up if you can, anything you can remember, even if it's just fragments or bits, immediately upon waking up. After several weeks or months you can look over the info over time and see if there are any patterns or recurring themes Here is a cool article about dreams and their meaning according to the readings of Edgar Cayce Edgar Cayce on dreams The Edgar Cayce Dream Dictionary. This page explains what the symbolic meaning of something in a dream is- Edgar Cayce Readings Dream Dictionary