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Found 3 results

  1. Leg blockages/clearing

    What is everyones experience of leg channels opening? One member on here told me his experience of it involved a lot of pain in the legs. Did it feel like possible circulation/deep vein issues for anyone? Do you have to be at a certain level of development for the leg channels to start opening, or can someone like myself, a novice, go through this? Just trying to get a handle on some pain ive got, and start an interesting topic for the forum. Cheers
  2. For a few months now (greatly since open heart surgery), I've had this almost chronic craving, actual sense of need, for extremely cold drinks. I took up chomping on crushed ice in the hospital and am still on that. I was delighted to develop a vice that was not a drug and didn't cost me money and wouldn't give me a disease. :-) But it's been 4 months now, and I am still just craving COLD drinks all the time. Yes, I am on diuretics (for edema) but yes, I drink PLENTY of water (sometimes probably too much). So it's not just thirst. It's specifically a need for something COLD -- not just in my mouth, but going into and being inside my body like a drink is. I have begun to wonder if this might be reflecting some kind of need, or imbalance, that people more into the subtleties of eastern medicines might be more familiar with. Need for yin? I'm wondering if anybody has ever heard of this, or has any comments about it. Many thanks in advance if so. RC