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Found 3 results

  1. Chaos Protocols

    The year 2020 was a space where many illusions regarding how society runs fell away.....with apocalyptic intensity. Flaws in political, economic and agricultural systems were revealed. We learned a great deal of how depraved and psychopathic those whom occupy seats of "influence" in our society are and that there is an enormous amount of corruption in the system that needs to be pushed out like a big turd, giving society constipation. In that vain, i recommend Gordon White's Chaos Protocols. He talks about corruption and how in order to get your way in this world, where the odds of success are stacked against your "elevation" need to apply all tools at your disposal to claim your rightful level authority over this little piece of existence you possess. A particular excerpt that i found fun : Self Initiation "You may consider a self-initiation ritual to be a safer choice than a ritual psychedelic experience. You would be wrong. Fallout from becoming invincible is impossible to predict. Even if you are in the snake and piranha infested Amazon, at least you are in safe hands of an experienced shaman. Boiled down to its essence, a self-initiation is a declaration to the universe that you have a seat st the table, that your Highest is united with your Lowest, and you expect the cosmic croupier to deal you in. It is a fundamentally radical act, a transgressive move. It runs counter to almost two thousand years of social, economic, and religious diktat. There is a lot to burn through, which is why you must persist in your transgression until the volume of High Strangeness in your life is so extreme that it cannot be interpreted as anything other than contact."
  2. After a 2 year break the DDTRH podcast is finally back. Looking forward to catching up on the episodes. Those interested in magick may enjoy. It's on iTunes as well:
  3. Yes, that is how I define myself. I'm both at the same time, therefore I could as well be none. I don't believe in believe. That being said, I believe that we are all transparent to Nature which we humans make part of. All things known and unknown are plenty as they are, so much so that everyone is biased to conserve their own identity that is the manifestation of that which is stranger than we can suppose. But one thing I know for sure! I am an animal, I have the same necessities as other beings and there is the unfathomable mystery. And at this constant contradition lies the conservation of infinity. Besides that all is poetry, and I like poetry because knowledge without emotion (hence biased) is sterile and has no use.