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Found 11 results

  1. Dear Dao Bums, What I wanted to share today was my very interesting discovery about the parallels between the TCM and qigong meridian system, and the chakra, nadi and petal system in Yoga and Sri Vidya. The two channels in the agyna chakra: Ksham (क्ष) is the left side of the forehead, it is the left, outermost bladder meridian in TCM. Ham (हं) is the right side of the forehead, it is the right, outermost bladder meridian in TCM. The bladder branches into 2 channels on each side of the spine, i.e. 4 channels in total. An innermost and an outermost on each side of the spine. The four channels in the muladhara chakra: Sam (सं) is the left, lower kidney meridian (i.e. from the muladhara chakra and down to under the foot) Vam (वं) is the right, lower kidney meridian (i.e. from the muladhara chakra and down) Sham( शं) is the upper part of the right kidney meridian (from muladhara chakra and up through the body, through the lung and finally into the brain) Ssam (षं) is the upper part of the left kidney meridian (from muladhara chakra and up) The six channels in the swadistana chakra: Lam (लं) is the left, lower part of the spleen meridian (running from svadistana chakra and down to the big toe) Bam (बं) is the right, lower part of the spleen meridian. Bham (भं) is the right, upper part of the spleen meridian (running from svadistana and up) Mam (मं) is the innermost bladder channel to the right of the spine, running from swadistana chakra and up alonside the spine Yam (यं) is the innermost bladder channel to the left of the spine, running from swadistana chakra and up alonside the spine Ram (रं) is the upper part of the left spleen meridian (from swadistana and up). I can't wait to journey through the rest of the chakras and nadis, and clear the channels even more (nadi shuddhi). I'll keep you posted as I discover more If you'd like to know a bit more about the background, read on: There are mantras for 6 chakras and their individual nadis. There are 2 nadis in the agyna chakra, 4 nadis in the muladhara chakra, 6 in the swadistana, 10 in the manipura, 12 in the anahata, 16 in the vishuddi. That means you need to memorize a total of 50 sanskrit letters and their mantra, which is going to take some time Saying the sound of the sanskrit letter in the "petals" of the chakra, activates the nadi. Saying the sound of the sanskrit letter in the middle of the chakra, activates the chakra. All of this knowledge is from Hinduism, namely the Yoga and Sri Vidya tradition, as taught by Guru Karunamaya. I've written about my experiences with it here: The method is simply "sandwiching" an empowered mantra from your guru in between the sanskrit letter for each channel. This 1) activates the channel, 2) sends energy from your guru mantra into the channel, 3) closes the energy inside the channel. For example: lam aum nama shivaya lam. So far, I've only mastered the agnya, muladhara and swadistana (which I've described above), so the next one I'll work on memorizing and opening is the manipura chakra and its 10 nadis Be blessed by the Divine! May we all enjoy good health, long life, prosperity, happiness, wisdom and peace
  2. Since the Covid-19 lockdowns began, Master Stephen Co has been doing live meditations every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, twice a day at 10:00am PST and 6:00pm PST on his website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. I normally wouldn't have been interested but my gf is really into it so I gave it a try and it is actually really cool. I feel really blissful afterwards, with a strong flowing of energy through me, and widened energy pathways. It's so simple you just go to his Facebook. I'd just follow him on Facebook, that's easiest. He guides Meditation on Twin Hearts which is the foundation of what he practices, as well as The Great Invocation, and even little bits here and there of higher level practices of Arhatic Yoga. He's been being quite generous about opening up bits and pieces of the practices not usually taught openly. Fridays are deep emotional cleansing day. Follow him on Facebook, his meditations he leads for his followers are powerful, and he has his own "special sauce", or a powerful energy technique he uses to add more spiritual energy to the energy you are developing and make it a lot stronger. Tuesday Oct.13th at 6:00pm PDT he is giving a free class on Pranic Feng Shui and Pranic Healing called "Aligning Your Inner and Outer Worlds"
  3. Hi, I am wondering if Advaita vedanta (or Kashmir shavism), the most prominent types of jnana yoga can lead students to the opening of chakras. Some say that just reading, listening or self-enquiry makes it possible to open chakras. Is it really possible? Thanks
  4. throat issues

    What is happening to me? Is a question for which I kind off know the answer already; although I don't know what the answer means. Let me tell you a what happened to me during the last year; and especially the last month. Maybe some of you can bring clarity, or at least it may provide a nice anecdote. Since September I was getting more and more tired. So tired that by December I was sleeping more than half the day. Ten hours at night and 2 after work in the afternoon. My mood was low and gray. I started to feel hopeless. During the Christmas break I got the flue so bad I thought I was going to die; but I lived. Still I became even more tired and start getting symptoms of depression. Half way through February I got a stomach problem so painful that my wife drove me over to the ER. Gastritis was the diagnoses and we were ready to leave until the doctor rushed and said, you need a scan. Your blood calcium level is dangerously high. So after tests they found a benign tumor on one of my parathyroids. Those are 4 little glands behind the thyroid that regulate calcium level. Now on March 1st I had an operation done by an excellent surgeon and it is true that I felt ten years younger afterwards. Only with the apathy lifted I started to feel anxious and had a couple of panic attacks. Now two weeks later, on a Sunday I went to a small wellnessgathering where a friend of mine (who was my 1st level reiki teacher 4 years ago) apparently opened my hearth. Which in itself was a nice experience. Now, I started to feel more and more nervous and weird and on the Wednesday after I posted a thread here where I stated I needed something. Jeff here did some energy work and I started to indeed feel better; but not completely well yet. link to thread The next week the symptoms returned and with the added stress of financial problems I felt dark thoughts on Tuesday. I thought about killing myself but I couldn't. For I love my wife too much and I know that I will live into my seventies; since as a child I have seen my departure from this world. Now on Thursday I had a kind of nervous breakdown and since my wife didn't know what to do with me she brought me to her shrink she was about to visit. He couldn't let me go, so he instructed me to go to the ER. I didn't mention to him the spiritual stuff ofcourse, but I told him the dark thoughts. Now, after a night at the ER they put me in observation. Since I don't have any symptoms of depression or any other disorder; the doctors were puzzled until they got my bloodtests back. Grace be given, they did a thyroid test. Apparently I have a thyroid issue. Only, my thyroid looks normal and Jeff told me I was up for a roller coaster after an opened heart. Now yesterday, still strange moods; although my mind seems detached from them. Like the emotions are happening to my body and not to myself or my mind. Mostly restlessness and some episodes of feeling intense love. I know I that my life is on a pivotal moment and I wanted to talk to someone who is a renown seer. Only she charges a lot and is probably on spring break. Now today, my wife talked to an old friend who also is a spiritual practice and she looked at me. She said I am evolving and ascended masters (a lot of them) are helping me through it. She adviced doing nothing but take plenty of rest and wait it out. She will see me on friday. Meanwhile this afternoon went to my general practitioner who seems to be clueless on thyroid hormones. I secured an appointment with one of the best endocrinologists (thanks to a family connection). So here I sit on a Tuesday evening; waiting and trying to rest. Well, I could use some soothing and actually I might want to be a testament to whatever I am going through.
  5. Solar plexus blockage

    I am curious if anyone has experienced a major blockage in the solar plexus area (about 4 fingers above the belly button) and may know how to clear it or the root cause. I have tried breathing techniques, chakra balancing/energizing techniques and many types of visualization techniques but still have an noticeable pressure in this area which I am 99% sure is energy related. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm more an orbit guy then chakra. I think the locations are important, I'll spend some time there but don't have any particular visualizations, feelings or in-depth theories about them. Just wanted to give people a place to write down there thoughts and practices on chakras. How much are they stressed in your system? How do you see them? Is open and closed an absolute or in degrees? How do they interact with the Micro cosmic orbit?
  7. The Third Eye

    What I can say about it is that it sees things that the physical eyes cannot. What do you know about the third eye? Please share. Junko
  8. This has been on my mind for a couple weeks now.. In Kriya and kundalini yoga there is emphasis on concentration within the spinal cord and its chakra trigger points as they are called. The actual vortex of energy is called a kshetram. This is a bit backwards because kshetram litterally means place. The chakra is the wheel, so the vortex of energy should be the chakra. So what has been more effective for you guys? Concentrating on the kshetram or the chakra trigger point in the spine?
  9. 8 Extraordinary Meridians

    Are the 8 extraordinary meridians or the 12 primary meridians used in mo pai nei kung? Like does mo pai use them in practice?
  10. Hi, I would like some down to earth advice, please. Having ate some food, I read a chapter of a book, and then got into bed. Could not sleep so meditated. Not in a hardcore Zen fashion. Just nice and easy, let events flow and settle sort of thing. I could feel my body processing the food. There must be a chaka gate there which takes energy out the food? When my body had processed the food, I felt a whole lot lighter and more settled in my meditation. After a few minutes I felt an intense pressure at forehead. It felt like it was going to pop. I was a bit scared. I quickly rolled over and concentrated on few other things. I would like to know what such a intense pressure signifies? Should I have allowed it to pop ? Just before I felt this pressure, I also felt some kundlini-syndrome worms wriggling down my forehead. Sorry if I don't use the right terms but I don't know them! Reply however or as technically as you like; I have a good ability to comprehend this subject as I'm already reborn from my initial conception inside the One.
  11. This is a very hard thing to put into words clearly. Briefly I will start by giving you some background. Some months ago I had an experience, in my mind, after an experience I had, a feeling, after reading a book, that, essentially, messed me up. I won't go into details. Basically I thought I was in love with someone and it turned out to (most likely) not be what I thought. More study and some time since I ended this has provided a few possibilities: 1. The magician's perspective - I was dealing with power which had manifested in this form. 2. The Yogic/Buddha/Tao perspective - I was dealing with Kundalini energy manifested in female form. 3. The alternate Buddha perspective - I was dealing with a Tulpa I had created. 4. My original perspective - I was really in love and energetically connected to an alien being on another world. This thread is not to talk about that, only to give you background. You know the saying, "Once burned twice shy." Before this experience I was exploring the inner landscapes of my chakras with a spirit animal named Ayhunna, who came to me during a dream re-entry session to shamanic drumming. He left as suddendly as he came, aging before my eyes and disintigrating for lack of a better word. Now he's back. This brings me to what I need help with. Before with Ayhunna I would meditate on my chakras, enter its landscape, and then Ayhunna would lead me to something I had to deal with there. Usually this was done playing his favorite game, "Chase the fox." I have since ceased to meditate on my chakras. Now I do ZaZen when I get up and try to do Deep Meditation using the mantas, "Release, Flow" or "(my real name) a Center of Consiousness." With this last mantra I was trying to see myself as a center of consiousness per the first lesson in Raja yoga. Recently with Ayhunna's return he usually sort of tells me during ZaZen through a sort of glimpse of him in my mind's eye or a sense of his presence that he wants me to follow him. Generally he comes during my last meditation of the evening. But I am having an issue here. I need to figure out how to seperate that which my mind is manufacturing to distract me from meditating and that which is truly Ayhunna wanting me to follow him. I feel it is an honor to have his guidance and help once again, and I want to honor this by following his guidance. But I also need to make sure I'm not getting disracted by thoughts. You could argue that it's all thoughts. But for now let's try to keep it simple. There are thoughts generated by my mind, and there are thoughts my mind either locks onto or is given, like a message. I want to seperate what is message and what is just mind drivel. Understand? So how do I do this? How do I make sure that I am not getting lost in thoughts durring meditation? How to I tell when Ayhunna is genuinely calling to me? How can I distinguish a mental distraction from a summons? I need to be sure so if it is a mind distraction, I can simply ignore it and focus on my mantra. But if it is Ayhunna, then I must follow him. My inner landscape/inner world/chakra landscape - whatever the heck it is - is seriously f-d up right now. Hope nobody gets mad at the swear word. But it is very apt. With the loss of Ayhunna and the confusion around this, this relationship and its recent and raw end, as well as the fact that I was, not even a year ago, a simple church-going Christian with a few questions so this is all brand new to me, well I'm a mess. Ayhunna is trying to help. I had one other indivdual who was trying to help me, but we have unfortunately sort of come up at odds to each other. My problem is I never really understood a lot of what he said. I tried and for the most part I followed his instructions. But so many things he instructed me to do just didn't feel right, or I didn't want to do them or something. But he did direct me here, so perhaps someone can help me out. One last thing... As I read, "Magical Knowledge I" by Josephine McCarthy I am seeing much that could coorelate to my experiences. Later in the book she discusses meditation and inner worlds. I think I might have to drop my Raja yoga studies for now and adopt some sort of Inner Stillness Meditation based on her training as my last meditation of the day, and the time at which I work with Ayhunna. So this is what I tenatively plan to do. However I wouldn't mind getting some other viewpoints and advice here. I mean what is the best way to go inside and work with your spirit animal? Maybe the answer is to somehow have a session devoted simply to Ayhunna and inner working, seperate from meditation. That may even be the answer to my problem. Simple enough, just train him, as much as that seems like the wrong way to think about it or say it, that meditation time is seperate from our time and ignore any glimpses or senses of him I recieve. If there is a practicing shaman somewhere in here I would dearly love to hear from you. Above anyone else you would be able to shed light on a lot of this stuff. So please post if you can help me! OK, off to meditate then sleep. Thanks everyone, and Namaste! - DreamBliss