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Found 2 results

  1. What are the stuff a person can do to feel qi better ? (* important later edit (After 2 first replies) : to feel qi better over time) (not talking about putting your hands close to feel some tingling in them but how to feel chi well in the body (maybe even seeing chi with eyes)) what to do and how does it help exactly some examples (im not answering myself this are stuff i wonder about and i am not sure - this are genuine questions -- would be good if you confirm and explain about any point i raise and add stuff i didnt mention as well ) : meditation ? how does it help ? does it help feel the qi better ? more chi in the body ? accumulate as much chi as possible ? does it matter how much chi you accumulate or just how well it flows ? practice qigong ? if so how does it help ? cleaning the blocakges in the body ? in what way ? do you increase the flow of chi in the body ? does it increase exchange of chi from the body to the outer world ?
  2. Its live chat or watch the 2010 Sherlock Holmes BBC on Netflix. Going Live Chat