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Found 4 results

  1. I have been practicing the microcosmic orbit meditation for a few months and find it generates a lot of positive energy within my body. I hear again and again the value of meditation. Given the pleasurable sensations this particular meditation generates I wonder if this practice could ultimately be just another form of attachment, one that is best to release. Curious the groups take on this.
  2. what is your opinion regarding releasing attachments to what makes you happy and/or from which you derive an identity, a purpose from. Ending up purposeless and not having a reason to exist... no identity to preserve and no thing or person to get happiness from. Then the question is, why to exist in such reality if you have nothing to get happiness from or a reason/purpose to live for? on the other side of the equation are pains that we resist and we are averse to. how are you going to handle living with them if you have even have no purpose or something to live for. Ending up with pains and nothing to live for.
  3. I understand that the process/journey is more important than the destination. However, I was wondering if it's okay to set goals. It seems to me that setting goals is a symptom of being too attached to the outcome. However, it's also a practical way to get things done. Your thoughts?
  4. Laughing in the Face of .... Anger Attachment Pride Jealousy Stupidity Ref: edit: tpoys