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  1. Are you a Shaman

    The Original article has been deleted: 'Are you a Shaman' 'I'll remember it as the book that I didn't write' The good thing These articles are general about a class/type of Shaman sometimes called 'spirit guides'. I was surprised to find out that there are a extensive number of types of Shaman practices. The types that I have experience with are those that are involved in frequenting the unseen/spirit world. In my experience: crossing over into the unseen world while still alive is a real challenge for some, and considerably dangers. That said, In my experience: many but Not All Need About #30 years of various experience and practice that are focused toward getting a persons mind body and spirit up to snuff. I am not trained to teach such practices even though I had the experience of helping others to train, along side of me while training, and I have assisted some trained as such, to successfully self initiate. In my experience: The difference between a trained teacher and a experienced unseen world worker, the worker has self initiated through the way of sincerity, while the teacher is training in the way of wisdom (a teacher might not ever self initiate while still alive). However a teacher can teach even if they have not crossed the (abyss), where as one who is untrained as a teacher but has had the experience of crossing the (abyss) can only assist in a trained persons self initiation. (Why is it called self initiation? it is called self initiation because: at the level of training that I am referring to the initiate is expected to create the circumstances of his own initiation, the presents of a more advanced practitioner being presents is just needed to provide a second, (a second is a witness and is also used as a lessor energy source within a three legged stool=(a major energy source, a lessor energy source and a passive energy source)), this is the scenario of creative destiny tweaking, that is required for self initiation. (a question: which energy source is assigned to the self initiation, good question: the self initiator has to be the main energy source, the second is the lessor energy source, and the passive energy source can be a number of things, depending on the taste of the one self initiation, if practiced a certain way the self initiator can use his own internal self as as passive energy source, his merkabath, a domain bubble, some other tuple. #30 years is a general number, In my experience: this 30 years of experience and training can start as early as 3 in my tradition. There are some types of shaman who under the right conditions are able to take people on shaman journeys. When I was young I did done this a few times, It is very stressful to hold/project for others the images/feelings while trying to have fun at the same time (if your not having fun neither are they) (this type of shaman journeying is not meant to realy go anywhere (projected from memory's), it is just to give a taste of what traveling within the unseen world would be like). In my experience: this type of shaman journeying seamed to help a few of those with me to connect and get a taste of the unseen world (in my experience: once it is real to you, then you can keep it that way if you focus on it). The magic for this has to be drawn from within the participants when they are in the right mood as a group, else the strain on the shaman is very taxing. That is why in ceremonies and such a lot of props are sometimes used and a unifying mantra(s) is recited. The whole point to all of this ceremonial business is to form or access a already formed collective mind that can be held in place within the group by a totem=(this can temporally be the shaman). this collective mind can act like a battery of life energy and if used properly it can provide a #^evolutionary upgrade (leading to a initiation) to one or more of the individualizes within the group, if no one is benefited from the quickening power of this collective mind then, you are just socializing and 'you might as well just go to church'. #Shaman working as spirit guides in lower vibration Clements: #^Before you asked, the evolutionary upgrade would be to elevate/quicken the spirt of a person to the point were they could view and eventually learn to travel within the unseen world-(the initiations mentioned above are multi in nature and frequently involve the giving of a totem or tool that can only be accessed within the unseen world). Also I don't personally advocate attempting to do to much *1down word viewing/traveling (without proper instruction) unless it is just for the experience of getting a taste of what is possible. *1 The down world as it is sometimes called: In my experience: the down world is actually up from here vibrating faster then in the physical world, it seams to be the backwash/buffer or the medium between dimensions/worlds, with all kinds of beings accessing it, crossing it, hanging out in it, from both higher and lower vibrational planes. Unknowing Shaman abilities holding a person back from what they want/ Or are they? I received my first interaction after Returning from my spirit quest to India, . I was approached by a persons higher self/functional spirit. The spirit used proper etiquette and approached me politely. We communed together over the span of a couple of days. This spirit made several requests of me and I declined, all but one. I excepted the challenge to demonstrate to the spirits physical self their reluctance to receive the knowledge to create/become what they realy wanted, which is to become a evolved spiritual being. This persons higher self/spirit managed to create a way to get their physical self to come over to my physical house (not a easy thing), then they began a conversation with me. Knowing what their spirit wanted for them I led the conversation toward me attempting to demonstrate to them a particular post on the DBs forum also encouraging them to join the DBs forum for further cultivation. At this point I allowed the persons power to flow within my domain. Immediately their power began producing the opposite effects of what they realy wanted, by totally blocking me form finding any of the helpful posts on DBs that I thought would point them in the wright direction, so that they could #*open a supported channel and begin being cultivated by knowledge from their higher spirit self that they had been continually blocking. #*(I have been researching a collective mind/Egregore Folk Soul Gistalt/tulpa through a connection/portal that has formed within the field created by the free flowing collective of associations within DBs) I mentioned to the person that I felt blocked in finding anything that I wanted to show them within the DBs forum, and they eagerly jumped in saying that they had often experienced such negative results when someone was trying to show them something concerning spirit based powers. I explained to them how this power blockage was causing a continues type of spirit world dueling between their higher self/spirit and themselves, and by extension others who where trying to help or teach them, and that it often effected people in their outer environment in other ways. I mentioned that except in controlled circumstances like I was providing at that moment, that their internal dueling often takes place with the participants being unaware of anything going on except for a uncomfortable feeling, and that those trying to help would frequently experience a inability to produce good explanations of helpful ideas that they are intending to express. Then I verbally gave the person examples of the same types of powers blocking various peoples spirit advancements toward becoming evolved. Including but not limited to various people consciously running away form becoming a Shaman. (Non verbally I mentioned the famous story in the bible about a guy in the bible who was swallowed by a whale and latter spit out, then he still wound up becoming a shaman and servicing a community), a non verbal comment can sometimes trigger a synchronicite reaction within a person, and can act as a catalyst to the person becoming more enthusiastic toward the situation. I took the time to explain what I was going to do to show the duality and the imbalance between this persons physical/mental desires and the knowledge from their higher self which is meant to assist them in obtaining the actual desires of their heart. in a friendly demonstrative way. I distracted the person by saying the words 'I communicate with dragons'. This distraction, caused the focus of their power to drop and then I easily with two clicks of the mouse, landed on the exact post within DBs that I had decided to show them for a example. Then I explained the entire process to the person and made it clear that they were blocking the receiving of a fullness of their own desires by the unknowing activation of their own creative powers. They got the fact that their desires were being blocked by their fear of (usually thoughts/beliefs with emotional content, planted by parents, outer involvement, etc...) success, when I explained that in some cultures becoming a shaman (spirit guide or other) is feared and shunned and that this fear (of the unseen world) seams to be inbreed insome way or other in all people to a degree. I had more to explain but the pizza for my grand kids was cooking in the oven and was starting to burn at the same time the persons ride home was there. (this is still a work in progress) The following are comments and answers to posts that seam to be general enough to post here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thanks to a connection to a newly forming DBs entity I am finally getting better at posting: I do want to discourage/encourage you from becoming some type of a shaman, because in my experience it hasn't been a easy ride. I'm not trained to be a teacher or a healer, at least not for the forcible future. So I'll just post a little background from my experiences: My spirit guide/spirit healing (there is a unpopular name for it) business is frequently brutal, most some people seem to fear or hate/ and have been trained (in the west) to be revolted by those who do my kind of shaman type spirit work (although I have heard that in some cultures shaman spirit work gets a little respect). I have read a little about some cultures were there is some fear becoming a shaman because of the sickness that comes to many before or after some of the initiations that are what aids a person in becoming the exact type of functional/(spirit) shaman that their heart/higher self has chosen for them. So if anyone still thinks that it is for them then I can only suggest that you prepare in every way that you can (yoga, energy moving practices)=shows sincerity/intention and at the same time be on the lookout for the right teacher(s) to come into your life (frequently potential teachers test you in sneaky ways, and in-general they are not obvious at first), (a teacher could even be a relative that just hasn't opened up to you yet), in my line of work celestial spirit guides as teachers are also possible. If you get a spirit guide(s)/teacher(s)/mentor(s) they can be relentless, training can be more painful then you can imagine (the type of training depends mainly on what kind of shaman that your heart chooses to become) Finally if you wind up running around the unseen world, my experience: you could anger all kinds of beings who could follow you about looking for some sort of payback. Family and friends (If you haven't lost them), might think that you are beyond weird, and they many loose respect for you. Then when traveling or repairing spirits or other items within the unseen world, you get to come up with damages to your body, general heath and even property, that seem to others to just pop in from nowhere. There is a good side, connections, to spirits\avatars that can heal you, sometimes connecting with avatars, angels, daemons/demons that are cool to work with, and sometimes even getting to meet creatures that aren't seen around the normally visible world. Finally after many initiations, and much becoming you can get to know the real you. specific post and answers: FROM: Why do you say it's a good practice technique for working with spirits also? Are you speaking of spirits in a dual sense? Or do you use spirits in a lineage sort of way? I was just being polite and conversational when I said "This sounds like a good practice technique for working with spirits also.' I realy admire your intensity, focus and great questions. The information to the question: 'Are you speaking of spirits in a dual sense?, is long, and the same for ' Or do you use spirits in a lineage sort of way?' If you want I will post on these in the Shaman post at the top when I have time. I am just now getting to your post before this one. Are you speaking of spirits in a dual sense? In my experience: To create a functional spirit adjustment within the unseen world, takes a personal sacrifice, and usually a powering up or quickening of that spirit. This quickening is done in a similar why to what you described in your healing process. Or do you use spirits in a lineage sort of way? In my experience: spirits in a lineage of spirits, to me means a type of priesthood, where the past spirits are ceremonially connect to the present which gives the current person a added volume or base that can boost their footprint/domain within the present dimension of time. END OF GENERAL COMMENTS FROM POSTS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A comment to shaman / the following might be offensive to Buddhists