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Found 3 results

  1. Donnie Yen arts

    Does Donnie Yen do any other arts besides Wing Chun?
  2. I have been studying various martial arts now, manly Wing Chun. And I am looking for an internal art to straighten my outer, if any one has an art that I should try I would appreciate your suggestion.
  3. Achieving Sing in Spine

    Hey guys, I do a style of Wing Chun that places enormous importance on achieving sing in the spine. This apparently feels like an expansion in the spine or expansion between each vertibrae. Apparently an internal contraction near the anus is also required although it is not supposed to result in any physical muscular tension. The prescribed way to achieve this is hours and hours of standing practice. Imagining that the spine is being pulled up while letting your muscles hang relaxed. Its a state that apparently you will know when you have it. And things really get going in your training once you have got it. I am wondering if anyone has achieved this and how they got there. Also if there is a streamline approach. I know a family member who is a yoga instructor who says she has it and it took her years to get. I also heard from another yoga teacher that what I described sounded like kundalini activation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's a hard journey and I am never quite sure if I am practicing right or if there is a more efficient way to get there. Thanks!