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  1. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    There have been many threads on this topic. I just wanted to post my own experience with it. I'm married with kids have sex on average 1-2 times a week if I'm lucky, so with my bigger sex drive then my wife I tend to masturbate alot, usually once a day. Which according to TCM is quite bad for a man my age (42). I try to go for long periods without masturbation (my record is only 2 weeks). This week once again swore off it to try to save my energy for cultivation. I no longer watch porn, but even on like torrent sites am assaulted with porn images. TV constant scantily clad women, sex, etc. Magazines, newspapers you read stories about sex, see sexy images. We are surrounded by it, so how to avoid it? Today I had last a week without masturbating. I had taken my kids to the park just hanging out pushing one on the swing and I look over and there is a woman breastfeeding her kid. I couldn't stop looking just for the chance to see her bare tit and I did when she changed sides I saw both her bare tits. That was it. As soon as I got home and had chance went in the bathroom and masturbated. So how does one live in this world with women and not be tempted even by something so innocent as that? I guess its sex addiction but if I can refocus this energy to cultivation (which I want to) can't I make my energy stronger and higher? Any advice is appreciated greatly.