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Found 2 results

  1. Analects Seven, Eight and Nine

    1. Alias of Bu Shang, one of the Master's prominent disciples. 2. A variant reading says; "He who, in choosing a wife, values her virtue more than her beauty." 1. Ignorant about the rituals. A variant reading of this sentence is "...and what he learns will not be solid." 2. I.e. inferior to him in virtue. 1. This was said about a ruler.
  2. Analects Five and Six

    1. In ancient times, because battles were conducted on chariots, the military power of a state was measured by the number of chariots it possessed. A thousand-chariot state during Master Kong's time was a fairly small one. Note that each chariot was drawn by a team of four horses. 2. i.e during slack seasons in farming. 1. "Abroad" here implies 'at school'. 2. The Six Arts, namely, the rituals, music, archery, charioteering, language and arithmetic.