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Found 2 results

  1. 10,000 Hawkers Hawking

    Today I walked through the spiritual marketplace. I will not go there again. ______________________________________ Today I walked through the spiritual marketplace, And heard 10,000 hawkers hawking, 10,000 children teaching, And 20% held forth as 100. So many voices, So full of authority, Young and old, Certain and assertive. I brought my Beloved with me, But She could not bear the din, And ran from that place, Staring back, tearfully. I could not hear, Amidst the din and clamour, Her sobbing whisper, “My Own, leave this place, And follow me Home.”
  2. Hello everyone! My question is - what concepts does one need to accept to call himself a Daoist? My answer would be simply - "The Dao produced One, One produced Two, Two produced Three, Three produced ten thousand things." My understanding is that that metaphor denotes periods of creation in the Universe. Dao = Primordial being One = Existence Two = Yin, Yang Three = Yin, Yang and Qi, however, this is disputed Ten thousand things = Everything that is Am I right or wrong? So accepting those basic concepts: Dao, Yin-Yang, Qi and perhaps the Three Virtues (compassion, humility, moderation), one can call himself a Daoist. There is also the difference between philosophical and religious Daoism, which sounds like a Western misconception. I believe every Daoist is partially both religious/spiritual and philosophical. I sincerely doubt that Daoists agree with everything Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi or Lie Yukou said. What are your thoughts? How would you define the basic concepts of Daoism and how would you define a Daoist? Thanks in advance!