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  1. Here is a great article about a very unique and high level form of energy art. The Art and Music of the Shipibo Tribe of the Amazon. It is a complete integration of high level vibrational energy, visual and geometrical art, music, chanting, and healing. It begins by the Shipibo Shaman enterng a trance, often aided by taking the Ayahuasca vine. The Shaman begins to channel a vibration and energy, which comes out as a spontaneous song or chant. The song becomes the image, and the song determines the image to be created. The Shipibo women listen to the chant of the Shaman, and create the image that correlates to the chant. If a Shaman were to look at a peice of art, he could instantly know the song and music that goes with it. It is also completely spontaneously created, no two peices of art, and no 2 chants, are ever the same. To me, the images and chants seem very natural, and seem to be reflective of natural patterns or potential patterns. They are seeing, sensing, and putting into form something from a higher realm and are working with higher forms of energy. The Shipibo are initiated with plants and herbs, including Ayahuasca, at an early age. This allows them to be able to see many energies, and sense vibrations that most people are completely unaware of. Videos- Shipibo Craftswoman - Part 1 Shipibo Craftswoman- Part 2 The Art of the Shipibo People The fact that we today can be exposed to this form of energetic vibrational musical art is a good thing/bad thing. It's ultimately a bad thing. For as the people of the amazon are exposed to modern western culture, and their territory is encroached upon, it is gradually being integrated into western culture. It is inevitable that such great skills and knowledge will be lost. Many people think modern society is so great, it knows about physics, atoms, quantum theories, and stuff. But in comparison to the knowledge of people who live in nature, it is nothing, and low level stuff compared to the energies these people work with. Bonus. National Geographic article about how people have overcome all sorts of weaknesses and short comings, by visiting Ayahuasca Shamans. Some people overcame desperation and depression when western drugs could only destroy their bodies and minds, and were powerless to help them-