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Found 2 results

  1. Mudras for Malas and Dream

    Had some pretty cool experiences recently while spontaneously experimenting with the dhayana mudra. I was really quite impressed with the power and flow of energy it generated…..yet i barely even noticed it in my earlier periods of practice when i experimented a lot with this stuff. I was wondering does anyone know any good Mudra for enhancing ones ability in dreamwork, lucid dreaming, remembering dreams….etc. I would appreciate any pointers. Also i do a bit of Mala work….which naturally takes up one hand. Are there any effective one handed mudras that compliment mala work, and if so what are there effects. Any valid advice wold be much appreciated. My 2 cents, Peace
  2. Cool Father's Day Gift

    My wife is utterly awesome... for fathers' day, instead of getting me a tie or cologne of some other cliche gift, my wife gave me a rosewood mala... it is gorgeous. And I love the constant reminder of the benefits of putting intentional energy into my day.