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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm just interested in the scope of what is supposedly possible through magical practices, AND, would like to hear personal stories of what any of you've managed to achieve through it. Primarily interested in ESP and healing stuff, but, any manifestation, Siddhi/Siddhis in general, invocations, OBE, Astral Travel, anything interesting I guess. Cheers guys
  2. Hey! I'm new

    Hey, I have been interested in spiritual growth for a while but am just beginning to get serious. I have Franz Bardon and I think it is a good start but I am not sure how much I relate to the specifics of his dogma. So I have been going on my own with particular interest in spirit guides and such. I believe i contacted them (3 of them) once but it was breif and our communication was brief and uninformative. I am looking for guidance on meditation practise because I am severely undertaught on the subject. All in all i have been really impressed with what i have seen/experienced in my short personal attempts and want to dive deeper in. I need some guidance to point me in the right direction. My beliefs about spirits and God are not classified in any category that i know (and I'm in philosophy ) so it is my own belief and it is shaping well through my early attempts. Please message or reply if you can help me out! Thanks!