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  1. Wooing the Echo

    Hi people. I'm giving a heads up about a wonderful novel I just finished. Its called 'Wooing the Echo' by Lee Morgan. There are so few good fictional books written, on the subject of magic, that use actual 'real world' practices, and that stay within the bounds of what is actually possible with magic. This is one of them. I was absolutely riveted from about 10 pages in. The character development is superb, the story is great, and its poetic, deep, sexy and painful stuff from start to finish. Blew me away. A+++ P.S. The occult stance within the book is of a Traditional Witchcraft {TW} stance, which is a new passion of mine. I had no idea until recently that there was a {non Wiccan} witchcraft movement, which is reconstructing and using to great effect early European/Anglo traditions.. It is quite a 'shamanistic' {if i dare use that term} tradition in many ways, with a good heaping of sorcery to go. Very different from the purple velvet/goth crowd that seems to inhabit a lot of Wicca. Nothing against Wicca by the way, just not my cup of tea personally.