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  1. The Children of the Law of One, & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis free onine books, meditation techniques gadgets, atlantis Jon Peniel's painting of the Himalayas Free Chapters from the Lost Teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel who was the head monk of the order of the Children of the Law of One and who first made the unadulterated teachings of the order available to the public. Before that, the teachings of the Children of the Law of One were taught only in Tibet or the Pyrenees mountains of Spain and could only be found if someone went there. Everything is in these teachings! The CLO was probably the first spiritual order on Earth, and the energy practices are the original energy practices. Most major religions have their roots in a teacher of the CLO, although most people who followed or now follow the religion would not usually know the founder was a CLO monk/teacher. Shargung La is the final place where the Children of the Law of One retreated to after the final destruction of Atlantis in 10,500 BC, they also went to Egypt, the Pyrenees, and the Yucatan. Many of the world's energy practices originate from Tibetan mountains and even the Shargung La area in Tibet, a warmer subtropical area inside the deepest gorge in the world, amidst the freezing Himalayas. Most energy or spiritual practices are related to the Children of the Law of One in some way or another I believe. What the CLO emphasize is unselfish love over all else. You can identify the true CLO teachers by their emphasis on unselfish love for all beings , returning to God by regaining universal consciousness and contact with god by direct experience, returning to oneness with god, and not emphasis on abilities, phenomena, power, or anything like that. Even in this world of darkness, selfish consciousness, and pain, there have always been the CLO who love all beings, who feel pain and compassion with understanding for the beings on earth and the condition of the beings on earth. They have always been lights shining in the darkness, guiding humanity, and are here for those that really are ready, those that can awaken to their inner being, and truly improve themselves to return to their original angelic states and transcend the human world. However, in 1990 the CLO monks in Tibet and elsewhere were attacked and many were killed, there are now few left in this world and in 1998 the teachings were made public for the first time in history since the days of Atlantis Here is the opening chapter of the book "The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis", from the first 2 pages Survivors of Atlantis- stargate atlantis? Survivors of the real lost city/continent. Free Chapters of the Lost Teachings of Atlantis Lost Teachings of Atlantis Foreword spiritual journey Chapter Three Sources and Descendants of the Teachings the religion of atlantis? Chapter Six Different Points of View Chapter Nineteen The Children of the Law of One Basic Meta-Physics of Science-Magic More articles- Frequently Asked Questions about us and spiritual growth earth changes spirituality articles Does God exist - who are you and what do you want? Jon Peniel New Year 2001 Message. New Year resolution and spiritulity An offshoot branch of the CLO( Children of the Law of One) that people can practice in modern times, is the Golden Rule organization or GRO. Benjamin Franklin's secrets to relationships & personal success