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Found 4 results

  1. Master Gary J. Clyman is in the press again! New Chicago Sun-Times article about a reporter testing Master Clyman's life-changing Emotional Liposuction treatment! PLEASE CLICK FOR FULL SIZE VIEW!
  2. I've been practicing Gary Clyman's Tidal Wave Chi Kung for a while. I like it but I'd like to add a more medically based practice. I am pondering either getting the first two Flying Phoenix DVDs or Ted Mancuso's "Blossoms in the Spring". I like that the "Blossoms in the Spring" practice appears to be fairly short and self contained but I haven't heard too much about it. People seem very happy with Flying Phoenix but it is much larger and could turn into a much longer practice. Any thoughts on either of these as a complement to Clyman's system?
  3. Hey guys and gals, Gary wanted me to inform you that his coming Personal Power Training seminar takes place on Saturday and Sunday, November 2-3, 2013! This workshop includes learning the complete Tidal Wave Chi Kung training material and getting treated with Gary's famous Emotional Liposuction! If you are interested, please contact Gary directly for more details:
  4. It all happend in Joseph Laronges's school. Laronge is clearly NO Clyman-groupie as his phrasing and interpretation of the situation proves! Therefore his credibility seems unassailable to me. ^Above is Laronge's personal interpretation of the situation: Obviously he believes that it is possible that Chang hold back to not kill Clyman. However, Clyman was in fact not only not killed, he seemed not affected at all! ^Fact is, that Clyman and Chang treated each other with mutual honesty, friendliness and respect before, during and after the golden bell test. ^Fact is that Clyman was NOT affected by Grandmaster Chang's hits! He didn't even stumble back after the uppercut: ^Clyman did not have to make one single step backwards after the uppercut! => The objective observation of the incident shows that Clyman's Golden Bell technique gave him the ability to absorb the blows of Grandmaster Chang without being affected. The question if this is possible because Grandmaster Chang hold back or because Clyman's powers were so overwhelming even back then that even Grandmaster Chang's hardest hits would have or actually have simply "bounced off" his golden bell technique, is in the area of personal interpretation, because Chang did not comment on the fact if he did hit Clyman with full force or not! However, the mutual honesty, respect and friendliness that defined the contact between Clyman and Chang implicates that Chang gave Clyman a "real" test of his Golden Bell abilities!