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  1. There are many many videos made by GM Doo Wai, high level Lohons and students of both the Grand Master himself and his closest disciples and students and their closest disciples and students. A great deal can be learnt from these, and they contain excellent and valuable information. However something distinctly lacking in general is an overview of how the different parts of the entire system relate to one another, or how to combine them according to one's aims in their cultivation practice. The point is that without having had the incredible opportunity to begin at the age of 3 and having direct access to these arts - as was the case for GM Doo Wai - life is simply too short to spend it in a hit or miss trial and error process in order to attempt to combine these high level cultivation systems in the hope of a successful outcome. On his Anti-Cancer DVDs, Lohon Larry Matheny states the there are 7 levels in the Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing system alone, and that there were around 90 meditations just in level 1. However he says that all these could be distilled down to just the two meditations presented in the video, which he says are the two most powerful high level meditations from among all 7 levels for serious illness. Given the huge amount of different high level cultivation systems contained under the Doo Family Arts umbrella, I was wondering whether anyone has undertaken a similar process to the one Lohon Larry Matheny carried out for the Flying Phoenix system, but for the Doo Family high level cultivation systems as a whole? Let's say that one were to attempt to catalogue these systems according to what one wished to achieve through practicing them, taking the example of cultivation for health, longevity and spiritual development - which of the Doo Family high level cultivation systems would form a part of this practice regimen? Do any of the Doo Family arts have a Neidan practice, or equivalent, or is the Alchemical process in these high level cultivation systems sufficient in itself? I have already arrived at the conclusion that the high level Iron Palm system seems to be one the most powerful parts of the entire system, but which of the other systems such as San Gong, Golden Lotus Flying Phoenix, Golden Phoenix, White Lotus, Red Lotus, Son Ton Ging, Shaolin and Tibetan Fire Palm etc., should be included in such a practice regimen, and how should they be integrated with one another? How do these systems relate to one another, and were they designed to each be self contained and self sufficient cultivation systems, or were they designed to be practiced in combination with other systems under Bak Fu Pai? I have edited this post in order to add the Sunn Yee Gung system, which my research has shown is probably the most complete of all the high level cultivation systems under the Bak Fu Pai umbrella.