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  1. Modern Central Asia

    Over the years I have posted threads on the ancient history of Central Asia - this time, something more modern. In converse with people from the area, something interesting has come to light ; much more so than neighbouring countries like Afghanistan , many Central Asian countries have a liberal and secular expression of Islam. A question was asked ; " How did you guys manage to secularize so well in Central Asia. What is the best model to secularize and liberalize in the Islamic world the way you guys have? Honestly want to know what you did differently. Everywhere barring Central Asia and Bosnia/Albania Islamic world is plagued with radicalism. " Answer from Kazakhstan " Take the best from communists. Build schools and universities. Give women equal rights. Separate religion and governmental institutions." " Comrade Women, I understand it is very hard indeed, but you need to put an end the last vestiges of the past once and for all " (great scene at the end ) .