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Found 4 results

  1. Jokes

    How many Tai Chi Players does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: ten, one to change the bulb and nine to tell you how they do it differently.
  2. What's are some of the most interesting experiences you've had during meditation, OBE, etc.? I'm very interested to hear some of the them!
  3. Beginning QiGong

    Hello, I was looking to encorporate a QiGong routine in my daily life primarily in order to increase my energy throughout the day and relax at night (after MMA|weight training). I have found two systems: Zhan Zhuang and Flying Phoenix routines by Terry Dunn. What do you think about the two systems that i have converged. Are there some other systems that i need to check out? I am relatively new to the QiGong if you except my Wing Chun training which lasted for about a year. Also i do heavy weight lifting throughout the week so i wouldn't want my QiGong to interfere with my training (that's why i was a bit skeptical about Zhan Zhuang) Thanks