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Found 2 results

  1. Artists of Life: Kathryn King and Wayne Adams dropping pearls! Sharing deep wisdom realized in their life living off grid in a home they've built over the course of 27 years. They built this small floating off grid world entirely from recycled materials. The entire thing floats on reused fish farming structure and the structures are built from salvaged materials. They gather driftwood for heating and cooking wood. They both carve and work in various art forms. The colors they chose are magenta and green from the fireweed plant, the first to rebirth after forest fires. Their wisdom flows with a piercing calm, gentle and pervasively demonstrative of a life lived wholly and authentically. Various quotes that resonated: there isn't anything you do you don't need to maintain somehow... I'm still workin on it, everything's a process. Learn by doing... There's two types of schools and i've been to both. One's the institution, i say go. But also when you step out... choose your teachers... travel, experience. Get out of that little nest and do things. Get away from the high tech computer and use your hands, head and heart. What you can't learn in schools... life skill. Search for people, something that's for you, before you choose and take your time because it's a knowledge based lifestyle... it's not a freebie... take your time. don't be in a rush. a lifelong process... lose anything but your sense of humor. you'll be fine it's a big deal You gotta enjoy yourself. We enjoy each other, we like each other. I refuse to lose my sense of humor in this great big mess. I think it's ok to stop living a fear filled life. Don't be scared to have a life, get out there. Fear is there to be gotten over and worked through... If you can do that, then you can accomplish anything you want in your life.
  2. the most valuable gift is...

    So this realization has been revisited on me again and again in my life. Mainly because I am nearly, inconceivably wealthy in the vast amount of incredible people, animals and plants that have continually surrounded me throughout my life in every phase. It's become more intense and frequent of late, last night being a whopper. So I share it. Last night it was driven home, poignantly, almost overwhelmingly in one of those simple, shining, 'ordinary' moments just 'hanging out at home'. A moment so relaxed and simple, so authentic, it roils with potential and resonates in my inner life like some massive gong being struck and my awareness takes on a pounding presence of clarity and acute, almost overwhelming gratitude... I'm sitting in my usual spot, cat splayed out on my lap, as my wife and son engage in deep conversation... and then awareness settles, everything becomes almost still, even with the motion of the fish swimming and the gestures going and the music playing, everything seems to get very still as I expand outward... and this concept settles on my pond like a leaf striking a gong that shakes the world. "the most valuable thing that anyone has ever shared with me, or that I could ever offer... is complete, authentic presence." It's profoundly humbling and empowering simultaneously. A silent, immense, gratitude repeatedly pounding out in waves of love that in turn crash back into my core, as if the very air were a drum being hammered by the presence of authenticity.