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  1. Magical Egypt

    Here is John Anthony West's amazing 8 part series Magical Egypt. Exploring the true knowledge of, history of, origin of, and historical importance of, the ancient religion of ancient Egypt. What some people have called the Egyptian Mystery school. It is incredible how advanced their knowledge was, in many instances surpassing modern science’s knowledge or abilities. This is quite a contrast from today, where some people often think of religious knowledge as being inferior to scientific knowledge. Many people have wrote about, speculated about, or tried to revive the ancient Egyptian Mystery religion, and many people wish they had the knowledge of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries, but this is the best source I know of where it has been studied by an independent egyptologist, based on archaeology, science, and facts. Magical Egypt Episode 1- The Invisible Science Episode 2- The Old Kingdom and the Older Kingdom Still Episode 3- Descent Episode 4- The Temple in Man Episode 5- Navigating the Afterlife Episode 6- Legacy Episode 7- Illumination Episode 8- Cosmology