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  1. change name request

    if possible, I'd like to change my account name - thanks in advance! to: questionmark
  2. Concept of destiny in Taoist alchemy

    how would one know or find out what ones destiny is, so what it is you are meant to "work on" or "develop on" in this life?
  3. Thanks for the hint, no, that's not what I meant. Might have been this one: 长 any other meanings than "long" / "grow"?
  4. Somewhere I stumbled about a (probably) chinese character that looks like the romanized version of a big "K", but with the 'lower leg' turned slightly upwards above the middle, and then a knee like it is ready to kick. Looking for the meaning or any references, but I know that out of context this might be a shot in the dark. Thanks in advance for any hints or ideas (but please don't rack your brains about it.)
  5. How do you structure your daily life?

    Thoreau like simplicity in modern times? Interesting, do you live the life of an ascetic, is this just a metaphor for the eastern perspective on personal development or is your life really as simple as this? So "goals" aren't the motor's driving force for most of you. Interesting!
  6. The Clarity Aspect in Buddhism

    You are saying that the mind is not useful here and the time is not well spent thinking about this, as it is beyond thinking? @old3bob Emptiness as no-thing-ness. Clarity as ... well, terms are tough, here. What do you mean with the dependence on the observer to collapse a wave? Thanks for the commentary and the try to explain, @dwai.
  7. The Clarity Aspect in Buddhism

    (...) (...) So there is no definition of 'clarity' in that context. Simply equating it with emptiness will not do it, hence the articles purpose. (...) --- edit: so emptiness viewed through the dual mind and clarity ('void') viewed through non-dual experience, so it is but one reality, (still may not be equated ! ) but it is perceived differently, because the dual mind kind of has sensory filters and glasses to function with ideas and concepts and differentiations? so the title is a mere remembrance of non-duality? ok.
  8. The Clarity Aspect in Buddhism

    Enjoyed reading this, especially about the cloud metaphor, thanks for sharing! Read this several times, foreign to these concepts and terms I still struggle with understanding, - with the clarity aspect: When the clouds are equal to the phenomena and emotions etc. and you deduct them to be mere illusions (without essence) you will arrive at emptiness? So clarity is emptiness? Is that consolation ? Or is one then sheer mesmerized with experiencing actions (& cause, conditions, effects) of the theatrical performance? (The miracle of experience AND awarenwess of it's emptiness being clarity? Or the potentiality that arises within it being clarity? Would be glad, to get some ... wait for it ... - clarity - or opinions on this.) Did I miss the clarity aspect, because I am stuck too much in the clouds..?
  9. Do you use specific methods with dividing the time for most effectiveness and wellbeing - as in time well spent, like using a calender and plan each week ahead? Setting weekly, monthly, yearly goals? Which self management methods do you use, e.g. getting things done? Or don't you and apart from the time that is already taken in by job and family duties you just wait "to be kissed by the muses"? Be glad to hear some of your ideas.
  10. Is fulfillment a worthwhile goal ?

    Whatever I say here will probably annoy you, as I am not talking in the same concepts as you do, so you will probably not resonate to it and throw it aside as it seems too foolish or simple and not spiritual enough, but here's to your initial questions by some outsider ... Depends what you decide fulfillment is for you in the very moment. Life is always changing, throwing new challenges at you, for you to take and maybe master and if not: learn from your 'failures'. If you reach/miss one bar, there'll just be another, for those who want to see it. So this fulfilling/disappointing feeling is, in my opinion, only momentarily by nature, if you keep an open mind and stay flexible in your desires. If you do develop long term goals (through decisive values) you've become certain about, like getting mentally tough, being financially independent, learning to detach from your emotions etc., you can train that in every action you take. You might see process and recess and regress over time (like when you watch a video series and overview the whole season, instead of just one episode of the characters life) and that can be in my opinion fulfilling and worthwhile, because it will be a great driving power, as it eases identifying the and dealing with the 'friction' (definition by von Clausewitz) of everyday life. When the 'friction' get's lesser through your constant work on yourself, it is a good way to live, I believe. See also: as a concept to deal with in turbulent times. It is of exceptional use in extreme pressure situations or disorientation by the military and business. There are more simplified graphics on the internet that might suit more than the one in the link. Either it is not the right (and worthwhile) path for you or you'll have to develop more toughness to go through it anyways, that's your decision alone. Applying morals in your every action, when before you have identified your true values that lead you to your specific set of morals. I'd advise you to change the perspective: not having arrived means there's stuff for you to do, to get to some place you either deem worthwhile or to handle in the best way whatever life throws at you with what you've got. Whenever you'd want to listen to someone telling you something about detachment, discipline, qualities and extreme ownership of actions, I would recommend tuning in to Jocko Willinks podcast. maybe you wont resonate, still I believe it can help find your driving force inside you again. (Always helped me. And he has a good voice at least.) He does some Q&A and goes through (some more some less) valuable books (Napoleon, Hackworth, Frederick the II., Musashi), whatever he picks out you can often make use of or reflect about in your own life, at least that's what I experienced. He is way more oriented to living life than to the external and internal concepts, many people carry around with themselves while fighting with the friction as Don Quichotte with the windmills.
  11. The Cool Picture Thread Public domain Wikipedia commons
  12. Hard Times and Spiritual Insight

    any particular book you can recommend? thanks.
  13. Reasons to be cheerful "Instruments aboard NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft, which nine years ago exited our solar system's outer reaches, have detected a faint monotonous hum caused by the constant vibrations of the small amounts of gas found in the near-emptiness of interstellar space, scientists said." -- revokes memories of john cages - atlas eclipticalis. might be cheerful to someone else, too, or maybe not. at least i hope so. -- "Atlas Eclipticalis represents a map of the stars, evoking in a pointillist manner the multiplicity of the voids and the pools of light that make up the heavens. The title, Atlas Eclipticalis, was taken from the astronomer Antonín Bečvář. Working from maps created by Bečvář and after multiple chance procedures guided by the I Ching, Cage draws his own celestial map — a starry sky, immutably slow but continually in motion." (source: --- not sure I understand completely, but maybe another reason to be cheerful for someone
  14. Enlightened movies

    still don't know what you mean with enlightened, but there's interstate 60 for people who like development of themselves, looking things in the eyes & calling them by their real names as well as enjoying a good projection of the mind / mindgames ... need a little reassurance or distraction or ... -- 2nd trailer is original one -- of course very western centered and very simple troubles of the main character, but fun to watch for the above purpose, I guess
  15. sexual exchange

    I am really glad you find this humourous!