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  1. Curious person has some questions

    I'm not a Daoist, but I'm interested in it. I don't know much about Daoism, so I have some questions regarding it and it's practises. I hope it's ok for me to ask them. Question 1: Can anyone become a Daoist? I heard somewhere that you have to be part of a certain bloodlines to become one, is that true? Question 2: How does one become a Daoist? Do you need to join a certain group or organization to become one? Do you need to study and practise Daoism from childhood, or can you also become one during adulthood? Do you need to make a pact/contract, pay respect or worship certain spirits and gods? Or do you need to buy a license for 50 bucks online(just a joke)? Question 3: Regarding Daoist magic, how does it work(and is it real)? Is the magic just a little luck boost(give more positive energie in you life)? Or is it Harry Potter/Lord of the rings/Dungeon and Dragon type of magic(shooting fireballs and other "flashy" stuff)? Or is it both? Can you do it whenever you want to, or do you need to use a specific talisman, or say a specific mantra to use the magic? Question 4: Do you HAVE to be part of an organization to become a Daoist? Question 5(This is the one I'm most interested in): Is there anyone that made contact with a spirit/demon? Did you make contact on purpose, or was it just a coincidence? What was the experience like? Do those beings even care about us? Question 6: What would you say what the biggest differences are between real Daoism and what is portrayed in pop culture(movies, tv show, video games, etc)? You don't need to answer all of these questions, just the ones you can and want to. Thank you guys in advance
  2. Curious person has some questions

    If I may ask, HOW does one make contact with spirits/elves/demons/ghost? Or if you think it's better for me to stay out of it, I will take the warning. (you don't have to tell me here. You can give me a link the a post on this forum or a different site). The reason why is because I can than contact a whole different world. Doesn't have to be big. With just seeing a small little elf the size of my thumb I would be more than satisfied.
  3. Curious person has some questions

    Thanks for answering my questions guys. I know have a better picture of what Daoism really is about. I think I will look further in the ZhengYi Path. Thanks for everything
  4. New to Dao and want some more info

    Hi, I've been interested in chinese culture. And some time ago I discovered daoism. Now, I don't practise it myself, but I am curious what it TRULY is about. I read some stuff online, but it always ended up in some guy trying to sell me a book for at least 100 bucks. I've seen that this site has some experts in this topic. So I hope I can ask people on this site some questions what daoism realy is about and not just what movies portray them to be. I hope it's not too much to ask. Thanks in advance