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  1. That's interesting, is the fire released for safety or maybe alchemical purposes?


    When you speak of reaching level 1 in that short time, did the students already have a foundation or were mainly beginners?


    It's safety: There are different forms of energy you should first learn to differentiate.


    I never saw someone without foundation reaching something in a few days. Most people I've met at seminars had already years of training in other methods. The most impressive guy was doing Zen and Yoga for several years, he opened his SHO after 7 days with Qin Ling. There was also an other guy, he was a student of Verdesi and trained the basic method for 3 years. He opened his SHO on his first seminar in the evening of the 8th day with Master Wang. There was also a acupuncturist who opened his SHO at his first seminar, I'm not sure for how long he was meditating before and what system.

    The foundation is very importand. In my opinion it does not really matter what system you do: just be able to MEDITATE for 1-2 hours without moving your legs nor having too much thoughts. Best would be to learn the basic breathing methods of our school, train for 2 years, every day at least 1-2 hours the sitting meditation, as often as you can the Ping Heng Gong and walking and every evening the Shui Gong, then go to a seminar with Master Wang. After the seminar train for several years again and go to see Master Wang again when you're ready for it - you will know when you're ready. If you don't train seriously you've learned enough for a lifetime at the first seminar.

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  2. Does the version you learned produce the same results? e.g. ability to dry sheets in the snow?



    Is it from the intensive seminars or does he teach certain things only to selected people?


    Are you talking about the taoist method or the buddhist method? The buddhist version I've learned is not called "tummo" if you're thinking about that. But the body produces heat doing it. That heat is very importand to melt the drop in your hearth chakra. I don't know the difference to the 8 yoga of naropa / tummo (the sheets dryers thing), because I didn't learn that. But I think it's again very similar.

    The daoist exercise I explained 2 posts ago follows on that heat. First you create the heat and then you compress it. It's importand to feel exactly what the heat is doing / where it goes and so on. It's no simple task.


    Master Wang teaches always the basics first and the last few days some more individual stuff depending on the average level of the group.

  3. What things do you not train at home and what should go wrong, if you do on your own?


    No offence..., but is it not a danger, to become dependent of the teacher and his ability to do the things for you?


    That probably means, that a lot of seminar attendances is needed... For those, who can afford them is all fine, but others who can not, is a little hard... And the system is complex...


    Jox, :)


    The one exercise I should not do at home is part of what Master Wang does not teach to the public. So I can't tell you what exactly I should not do, but it's a gateway to travel outside your body. Master Wang said we're not able to control it yet and if we were once outside without control we'll not be able to return.


    You don't need a lot of seminars. Master Wang amused seeing me again after a year of practise, asking me if I don't have to work like other people :)

  4. Kronos,

    With all the respect and without trying to be smart,I have some objections in some of your claims...

    1, Jim in my opinion hasn't written anything stupid in his book.He expressed him self with a wrong way.

    2,I have no idea about Master Wang Liping except on what is written in this forum.There is a difference between similar to mo pai and exactly as Mo Pai otherwise with your claim,all the practioners of Mo Pai are retard people that was not possible to do in 4 years whet Wang Liping's system can do in 1 week.Feeling my Ba qua active it doesn't mean that I have opened that chacra other wise I should be level 72.

    If I am suspecting correct we have as common the knowledge of the 2 levels.Is there any restriction to share them here with us or they are secret as the mo pai ?

    I am very curius about the compression procedure as in my knowledge compressing an empty Dan Tien will cause it to explode...Or it is filled in a week end?

    I would like to apologize for the tone of this post but I couldn't resist the irritation....

    You know prop ably and better than me that even the most simple Tibet oriented exercise needs 2-3 years to be performed well,in a monastery environment.and now with a 10 day seminar you are mastering the nei Kung power?

    Sorry but I doubt ....


    Friendly .....


    Hi Chen,

    I'm very happy with your post. I think you see everything very reasonable. But there's one missunderstanding: I'm not thinking that mo pai practitioners were retard people - the contrary: they got astonishing results working for themselves over years. I got from the book that John Chang told them to find a good spot in nature, what's one of the importand things, but he did not mention that they would build up the power faster if they meditate in groups. I've read in the book that John Chang didn't even mention the reverse breathing teaching Level 1 to Jim and still was Jim able to progress in that system.

    If I am suspecting correct we have as common the knowledge of the 2 levels.Is there any restriction to share them here with us or they are secret as the mo pai ?

    I am very curius about the compression procedure as in my knowledge compressing an empty Dan Tien will cause it to explode...Or it is filled in a week end?

    I'll give you some info about that one. We first meditate for at least 75 minutes doing some other exercises for preparation. Still doing the correct mudra then we do 2 or 3 compression breathings. On breathing takes longer than one minute contains contraction of several muscles and holding the breath. If someone is not prepared to do it, he will fail to compress long enough and nothing will happen.


    You know prop ably and better than me that even the most simple Tibet oriented exercise needs 2-3 years to be performed well,in a monastery environment.and now with a 10 day seminar you are mastering the nei Kung power?

    Sorry but I doubt ....

    There is a tibetian system I know of that's very similar to the taoist systems. But that "tibet oriented exercuse" has very complex visualisations (navel chakra with all the spokes, sun and moon channel, cental channel, wind, red and white drops) - I think because of that it takes you longer to learn. But the breathing is the same. Just the small point where you try to compress the "chi" is slightly higher. But there's an explonation for that: your dantien moves up and down depending of where you are on planet earth. The closer to the equator the closer is your dantien to your navel.

    BUT before you learn that one you first have to do a lot of other meditations. Your teacher will tell you as soon as you're ready for that exercise. The difference between Master Wang and other teachers is: He controls your chi flow with his 3rd eye. As long as he's sitting with you you don't have to worry about anything. There are always people with a huge difference in their "level" of chi development sitting in one group. Everyone is doing the same stuff. Master Wang does help those who aren't able to sit still to hold still, those who aren't ready to compress the energy to control it, those who aren't ready to move the dantien to keep it in place. There are things we don't train at home because the are too dangerous without a our teacher.


    Edited to make the description of the breathing less detailed.

  5. In the jim mcmillan thread they said the teaching method used is very slow or watered down. According to Him, It would take a person around 20 years to reach the mopai equivalent of level One. Any truth in this ?


    Jim has written a lot of stupid things in his book. This is just his average bs-level. You learn that mystical "Level 1" the first day at every lmp seminar. You also learn Level 2a at almost every seminar (last summer in Germany the first day) and a techique very similar to Level 2b during the first intensive, too. I can't tell you if there are more "levels" in the basics of the so called "watered down" teachings of master wang, because the few who have the knowledge of further "Levels" of Mo Pai don't talk about it.

    And to make all I say even less believable: If we wouldn't be "realeasing the fire" in the end of every meditation, almost every student would reach level 1 after some weeks or even days (if you're able to sit long enough).

    I had the strong heat sensation in my dantien the second day on my first seminar and the first vibrations the evening of the same day. There are several people opening their SHO after 6-7 days on the first seminar. That's not possible if their lower Dantien is not charged up to a specific level.

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  6. I've met in the last few years over 100 persons at intensives and no one of them complained after the seminar(s) about the money they spent for it. Every single one of them is still happy with the decision they've made to go to learn from Master Wang.

    The things Master Wang teaches the first 3 days is for most people enough to train a whole lifetime. What he teaches the rest of the intensives you'll only need if you're gifted and train hard every day.

    There are too many people in this forum having an exaggerated opinion of themselves: There are no shortcuts in Nei Gong, just discipline and hard training. I think it doesn't matter what REAL Master you choose to learn the basics from - because you have to train for decades before you can even evaluate a REAL Master.

    I think I've made the right decision directly learning from Master Wang from the beginning, because I will not have to search for a new Master when the day arrives when I've mastered everything I've learned from him. And that one I can say for sure: Master Wang has some really advanced students and every single one of them consideres himself as a beginner by the side of Master Wang.

    (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say in my bad English)

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  7. I stopped practising for almost 2 months this year. I just did the shui gong and nothing else. I went after that time to Qin Ling and she saw it as I entered the door. She said: "oh you don't look good, how much did you practise the last few months?" ... erm, I last met her last christmas after a retreat with master Wang. She saw the difference immediately. After 9 days of hard training with her I still was not near the shape I was in before the break.

  8. chen is fast ;) I was writing almost the same thing about the book and...


    you can look this up on his website:


    In 1994, Kostas sought out, and became accepted as a student by, Sifu John Djiang, Grandmaster of the Chinese school of Baleiquan kung fu in Indonesia, with whom he studied until 2002. Since 1994, he has also studied Chen style Taijiquan, under Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (the Chen family taijiquan lineage holder), and Wu style Taijiquan in the lineage of Grandmaster Wang Peisheng.

  9. Hi,


    If there's any Longmeen Pai practitioners in London [uK] please drop me a pm. The practice is a bit more powerful in a group so we would all be getting a bit of a boost. Or maybe you guys already have a group going. In either case please get in touch.






    Are you Kwame? If not there is at least one guy I know. :-)

  10. Other then shame & sickness, a man does not go into hiding for 8 years for no reason.


    Kostas wasn't hiding. He was doing a lot beside his family life and work. For example he came to Switzerland twice. He hold closed door seminars with around 10 people. We did grappling, looked into knife defense and other importand subjects. In my experience he always stayed in touch with his friends, but opposite to some of you he has a job and a family... that's a part of something bigger, the so called a real life.


    His fake and suprised reaction to sean denty proves that he still visits these forums all the time.

    And he certainly does not read this forum.


    all presumptions and assertions... Becker is the only one in this thread who's really telling you something of value.

  11. But, notice how it actually took him 15 YEARS to truly open his SHO! Which means that what a lot of New Agers here often believe they have opened in mere months...might just be some partial "false waterwheel" activation...


    that's what I'm trying to tell the people now for years. I've met a hundred people who claimed they had opened their SHO and only few of them really had. SHO is not a tingeling sensation or what ever. If you have opened your SHO you will know. It's like liquid fire that's moving in your body.

    Everything else is like a teenager peeing in his pants thinking it's an orgasm.


    sorry for my bad english. I'm still learning.

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  12. If you're "fat" first lower body fat to increase free testosterone in your body. Even if the higher testosterone level does not help the "breasts" will shrink a bit.


    search in the bodybuilding scene how they approach this problem:

    There is also some kind of soy protein used to lower blood fat levels. in germany they sold it under the name "Lipostabil". maybe this will help you if you use it hypodermic.

    If you go to see a doctor maybe he will give you Tamoxifen, it's a dangerous chemical, but it could help reduce the size.

    last but not least: plastic surgeon ... I think it's the safest way.

  13. For Instance the Neigung in C,K, Chu's book [tons of horse and stance training] seems very different to more meditative style Neigung like Johny Changs stuff.


    I learned the basics of 2 neigong "styles" and they're very similar. Both have stance/horse stance AND sitting meditation. I think a "sitting only"-system must be incomplete.

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  14. Note: for the curious, Details of Wang LI Ping's meditation techniques have already been published for free in the Empty Vessel, by someone else claiming to be his student, but obviously not iinterested in collecting a lot of money. The methods detailed in those articles basically involve cultivating "lines" of chi into the Third Eye and then down into the body along the same lines as detailed in the Inner Smile (front line of organs, back spine, middle digestive line). Looks like perfectly good meditation techniques.


    That's maybe 1% if what we learned at the first seminar. And what we learned at the first seminar was 1% of what I know today... and that's not even 1% of the complete system.

    Publish the picture of gas cap and make the ignorants believe it's a car ;)

    Master Wang published books, Shen also did, in these books you get more details than just the "lines". For example 5-Elements, Ping Heng Gong, Bagua Yi Sphere, Walking Qi Gong and a lot of background informations. All (almost) for free.

    BUT you'll get the difference between informations and transmission as soon you join a seminar. Priceless