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  1. On 04/01/2017 at 8:37 PM, SeekerOfHealing said:

    Difference is one is using yin spirit and the other yang spirits.


    Yin spirits have some skills. there are vast compedium of yin spirits depends on tradition which can affect you Qi and body, mind which results in various skills but still they are skills related to taji that why yin spirits are used in magic as they can not go to higher realms as higher spirits you can not bind to do you will like in magic. Yin spirit are easily pissed off if you are not zhenren. You can actually die if you do not have mandate to work with yin spirit or are recognized by them that why I say it's stupid to play with occult/magic if have no idea. You need to be in gang with yin spirits and then you become one after death if you work too much with them.


    with yang spirit is difference, you are not in gang but in family. some yin spirits can help you develop too but only to the yin spirit nature which is still pretty high looking on actual condition of humanity.


    with connection to the yang spirit you can be very regular joe but your development can be of a sage.


    I am sorry if my message does not contribute to this topic, but I just read the message quoted here and asked to myself, is there any books about this topic "nature and types of spirits in daoism and related?".

    Maybe someone can help me.

  2. Hello.


    Welcome to The Dao Bums!


    I personally just started with reading the Tao Te Ching. The Stephen Mitchell translation to be exact.


    I'm actually still new as well to all this, but I think I can also recommend getting a copy of Deng Ming Dao's book: 365 Tao.


    Going to take a look at them.

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