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  1. Where do negative thoughts come from.

    I think they come from prisons, drug dealers, drug consumers, most from people suffering and living in abuse, stressful situations, vicious situations. I agree with the fellow who said we share our thoughts collectively.
  2. What are you listening to?

    Hoping to get to know some chinese or japanese traditional music, but too lazy to search all this 247 pages.
  3. What are you listening to?

    Only to
  4. Can I join the men's subforum? Thanks.
  5. I will read this shit before it will turn to real shit anyway, BUT, no more than 10 times

    1. Capivaro


      Run bastard..

  6. Public this shit, now!

  7. FR~EE Ebook ... "Neiye, Inner Cultivation"

    Try this one
  8. Tridaya Inner Power Website

    I am sorry if my message does not contribute to this topic, but I just read the message quoted here and asked to myself, is there any books about this topic "nature and types of spirits in daoism and related?". Maybe someone can help me.
  9. Control breath in meditation

  10. Hello

    Hello. Looking for practice and a place to start. Thanks.
  11. Hello

    Going to take a look at them.