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  1. No.


    This is important to know because sex is something we as humans partake in and it has consequences and for some people, they may be dire.


    EVERYTHING you do in excess besides food, water, clothing, shelter & medicine is for the females.


    IT is for the females. Everything. It's absurd.


    That's the truth.

    misogynist much? Mommy a little self involved. Grow.

  2. I am returned. With so much time and change, inner and outer. Seems like life becomes more confusing,


    I can better understand the political and spiritual practices of the Haudenosaunee and how they should be applied to daily life. No master, but I have becomes a more curious and encouraged student.


    The Iroquois were the "Jehovah Witness" of the pre-1491 invasion.and actually, in to the present. and future as well. We preached more brutally than Christian Missionaries (possible exception Inquisition---not only in the numbers of victims.but also the form, meaning, and expected out come of torture.


    Iroquois have been know to tortured with loving affection to all those suffering, to heal through the pain of rebirth or death (same thing ultimately?) with song (control of mind) rather than screaming, Controlled aware mind through every step as a chance to see God or reborn into God's plan.


    Very different from the shame based tortures (shame. continuing to be the most effective the player the European Christian uses against himself and others to incredible effect),


    But despite the true meaning Law of Peace, which we are charged to spread through out our world---the whole world really---In the face of crisis (invasion, metal, guns and disease), Iroquois attempted to, out of fear--fearing our time was short----act on the the prophecies and spread the religion. But those who interact with prophesy sometimes misinterpret their effect on them, That prophesy and people interact and both may change.An Aristotelian thinker might ignore that observing a thing changes a thing. Attention's intent can change the interaction, meaning, itself---not simply look for signs. The seeking of sign draw signs---you find what your are seeking---be careful what you seek. So many fearful people seek war.


    The original message screwed can spiral in the drama of the prophet and his strengths and failings--changing the meaning and therefore possibilities.. Planting seeds brutally in hopes they may grow regardless.


    But as vessels of God "Heaven is at hand. we have but to see it" Jesus


    Thank you Creator for your wiser path. I pray to be a better vessel of your word and love.

  3. When you folks say run, do you literally mean running? I was fascinated with Native American running, particularly Iroquois, Aztec, and Inca Messenger Systems. I find these organized forms of running incredibly fascinating for some reason!


    "Hernan Cortes wrote that within twenty-four hours of his landing at Chianiztlan in May 1519, runners had described to Montezuma, 260 miles away, his ships, men, guns and horses." No doubt it was by a system of relays with runners waiting at outposts probably drinking water infused with chia seeds.


    But not quite as fascinating as the ancient Tibetan form of 'teleportation' style 'running', one who was trained in such an esoteric running style could travel distances of hundreds of miles in a matter of a day or two, projecting oneself across vast landscapes, remaining unseen so as not to frighten any onlookers with such power.

    it does mean literally running---boys were trained to run all day. Mainly because you can chase a deer down if you have the stamina.

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    Where? I had a friend out here when I was growing up who was descended from Blackfoot people... I understand the blackfeet settled in the pacific northwest... :)



    I've always been fascinated by the naturalistic and tribal ways of life that the native American nations have forever preserved...


    The Iroquois are from western ny---mostly.

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  5. Iroquois.. okay...


    My late husband was Nishnaab; I'm quarter Tsalagi but we ran with the Lakota, which means I can raise hell just about anywhere. (-:


    And if for you water is just an idea - I hope you can scrub clean with sand!


    Enjoy your stay, Iroquois.




    Edit: I meant to ask - What kind of ninja training are you doing? Sounds very exciting.

    I am Tuscarora, bear clan and have run with the Senecas as a child and the wampanoags as an adult. Your husband's people are from the north coast? what are your people? my description of the ninja training is the matrix style realization of the power of mind, body and spirit connection.