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Thunder and Lightning breathing or Meditation

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Posted 02 November 2007 - 08:39 AM

Big picture, you are going to be way ahead of any Mo Pai when and if you decide to fill your 'Dantien' with yang qi (level one), compress it (level two), make it mobile (level three) and join yin and yang (four and five). You will have a much quicker, effective and efficient expereince.

Interesting. So the XSZ "foundation training" creates the dantien that you then fill in Level 1 here?


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Posted 29 August 2008 - 01:59 PM

You can't look it up but it's very easy to calculate with Chinese numerology. Here's one formula (for a male -- a female has to use a different formula because yin qi and yang qi flow in opposite directions):

1. Add the digits in your birth year. E.g., if you're born in 1965:

2. Divide the sum by 9.
25:9=18, remainder 7.

3. Subtract the remainder from 11.
11-7= 4

The resulting number is your trigram. If, however, the resulting number is greater than 9, you would have to subtract 9 from the resulting number to get the number of your trigram.

If the remainder is 0, use the number 9 instead.

If your resulting number is 5, your personal trigram is 2.

Then of course you need to know how the eight trigrams are numbered and which sequence to use -- Earlier Heaven or Later Heaven. This you can look up somewhere, but I don't have a bookmark for where, sorry :) -- for an in-depth treatment, use The Great Treatise on the Changes, or Ta Chuan.
You mean you were born in a Red/Fire Rooster year? This doesn't make you a rooster or a fire sign (this is all pop astrology for entertainment purposes, nothing to do with the real thing) -- this gives you info about one animal sign out of six that govern your destiny (conception, year, month, day, hour, life). I have a Rooster in my chart too, and plenty of fire, but if you go by the most important one, that's the Month animal, and this makes me a Green/Wood Snake! :D -- but there's also a Tiger there and a what-not, a whole zoo. Then you have to consider your yin-yang patterns and your wuxing (Five Phases) qi... it gets complicated. Chinese astrology is bottomless... the "year animal" is a contributor to the picture, but its role is quite limited. However, your personal trigram gives you quite a bit of info to go on if you know where to take it. This knowledge comes gradually (in my experience), and every new piece of the puzzle that falls into place is a thrill. A worthy pursuit, AFAIK.

I'm trying to figure out your math but it's all wrong. 25 divided by 9 isnt 18. Is it a mistake in math or operation?
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Posted 05 November 2010 - 09:56 PM

It was my sense that some from your group seemed to miss important points that David made... You're apparent confusion on key topics seems to confirm my feeling. I will post this over on the Foundation Forum in hopes that you guys can have a greater understanding of these matters. We can continue the discussion there if you like.

The students who have completed the second phase of the training do know what comes next... next year you might receive initiation into the lineage, not something David advertises. But, you are right, David leaves out some key points in the first part of the training. Still, some of these things you should know.

Again, this is confusion on your part; again, not your fault. Both Mo Pai and the the lineage of Zhai Shifu have foundation methods, similar to ours. And, David is teaching us, myself included, the thunder path methods of neigong.

The Irony here is that Sifu Chang himself did not, until recently, know levels one and two correctly because he never learned ancient Chinese well enough to read the book his master gave him; and, having learned these first basic steps intuitively from his own master, he taught his students an incomplete method; not surprisingly, this is one of main reasons none of them succeeded in the practice; one of several and not the least.

Since Sifuís initial training, in recent times, one of his students who can read the Mo Pai Ďmanualí has completed levels one through three in record time. This was a big controversy at the time and points clearly to the reality that John Chang never intended to pass on the full training, save for one or two who he helps with his energy and empowerments. Point of fact, he never bothered to read the correct methods which include foundation.

These days, the Mo Pai get together every Sunday at Sifuís house to read the book together and study proper foundation, which has the same fundamental elements and principles as our training, with some differences to be sure; if it was not so they would not be able to create the Dantien. All this does not change the fact the Mo Pai, while indeed one of the older and most powerful offshoots of the Lei Shan Dao, historically produces very few successful students; itís their way to pass the lineage to one person and no more. There are reasons for thisÖ mostly beside the point Iím making. But, to give a hint, the Mo Pai are the gate keepers of heaven. An honorable job to be sure, but who among anyone here or Sifuís students for that matter really have this aspiration. Very few have this destiny.

If you are having doubts about the connection between Lei Shan Dao and foundation, you only need to look carefully at the title of Davidís courses, neigong one, two and three. Even more two the point, Davidís recent success, which is due in large part to his prior training in foundation. Think about it, he was able to accomplish in a little over one year what many never get in a lifetime without proper foundation. Foundation is everything and Davidís mastery of it is the reason Zhai Sifuís master chose David to carry the lineage without ever having met him. Iíll let you ponder that one.

I think part of the confusion comes from the fact that, after completing foundation, many paths can open to you. You can use the Dan to do more Lei Shan Dao, or skip it and just focus on fixing the shen or Jin Dan Dao or Yang Shen Dao or another line. There are several possibilities, but make no mistake, the thunder path is part of what we do in a big way. David was given the practice up to level 6 from one of his first masters, Da Zhen; the first part of the transmission is what you are currently practicing. When you complete it you will not be shy to go to any master, and they will reveal themselves and take note.

Again, I'm not an expert or infallable, but I do feel confident in my statements. That's what my notes tell me and that is what I remember David telling us during our training; and I do want to reassure you that what you are doing has meaning and purpose. It does to a very great degree.

The exact methods we are learning are not found in Mo Pai or Zhai Sifu's lineage, but they do have foundation. You can rest assured that this is the case and, what's more, the training you are doing now can and does apply to the Lei Shan Dao training.

Big picture, you are going to be way ahead of any Mo Pai when and if you decide to fill your 'Dantien' with yang qi (level one), compress it (level two), make it mobile (level three) and join yin and yang (four and five). You will have a much quicker, effective and efficient expereince.

Patience, next year much will be made clear.

Yours, S

ROFL. So far i have not seen anybody step forward displaying these powers from the Verdesi camp. Good article none the less.

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