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Here is something I stumbled across, I havent read all of it, but what I have read seems well reseached.  Interesting to think about.  Anyone have legitimate ethogenic (as opposed to recreational) experiences to share?







Interesting site.


Although it was not my path to use mind expanding hallucinagens, I do know others for whom it was and we have come to the same place :)


It took me awhile to be able to understand how this could be because at first is was against what I thought to be a valid path. Further research into Shamanism made it clearer.


There are many paths but more importantly is finding ones own way, whatever that may be.



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No experiences to share but came across rasayna and chudlen pills recently.

Essence-extract (bcud len, Skt. rasayana). A practice which sustains the living body with the essences of medicinal plants, minerals, and elemental energy in order to purify the body, heighten concentration and avoid the diversions of seeking ordinary material food.
Taken from here.

This practice is taught by Namkai Norbu and his Dzogchen Community.

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my friend once said to me that the problem with drugs is you get so high that the rest of your life is like not living up to that experience...


...obviously he wasnt a taoist shaman...




one day he'll see...


taoism is about transcending that duality (yin/yang) and then going for yuan...


for a lot of time i was obsesswed with duality

then i was obsessed with yin within yang

then i was obsessed with yang

now i see it the primordial yuan chi thats keeps us rising


primordial and yuan are the same, right?

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