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Zensunni Wanderer


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Good to meet you all.


I'm not a "Daoist" per se. I am a student of Chinese philosophy, language, and culture, and of course Taoism is an extremely important part of that. My personal practice is a combination of Chan and Pure Land Buddhism, though I recognize that Chan has an obvious debt to the teachings of Daoist sages, to the extent that the two traditions have freely borrowed throughout their respective histories in terms of terminology, artistic representation, and practice technique. As far as I'm concerned, the teachings of Laozi and the Taiping Jing draw from the same source of continuous wisdom as the records of Huang Po and Linji and Hanshan.


Anyway, if it matters; I'm a youngish white guy married to a Chinese woman. I speak some Chinese badly and am getting to the point I can kind of read some old sutras and Daoist texts. I used to do gung fu and tai ji like every other sinophile out there, but now I don't. My favorite food is burritos and my favorite music is Prince. I work in social services.


Looking forward to getting to know you.

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