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A friend just told me how tickled she was to find a used copy of Extraordinary Vessels online, and turns out she paid nearly $10.00 more than a new copy from Redwing Books would have cost her. Made me wonder how many other people haven't discovered Redwing yet.

"Explore our collection of more than 2,000 books, audios, videos and CD-ROM titles on aspects of health, wellbeing and complementary medicine." Categories include Asian energetic arts (gigong, taiji, taoist arts, sexual energetics); Spiritual and energetic bodywork; Asian Healing arts and traditional manual therapies; world spirituality, cosmology and traditional wisdom; complementary and holistic medicine; and, of course, acupuncture in all its forms.

These folks have a great catalogue (133 pages last time!). It's called Redwing Reviews, and they have a little blurb on each book. Their prices are often below prices listed on web book searches. Check it out. And definitely get their catalogue. Keep track of prices and find out what else is out there.


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