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Confidence: The Key

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I always wanted to know why confidence is associated with aggression.


I feel that some types of behavior associated with being confident are actually not related to being confident but instead fulfilling the expectations associated with confidence.


I suppose that is to say that I view there to be two types of confidence, true confidence and behavioral confidence. So then those who act according to the expectation of confidence frequently through such action betray their fear which compels them to behave in the manner of what they believe to be a confident person would behave.


This is sort of like how people who act confident and strong are often inner cowards and people who act passive and weak are often quite confident. A person with true confidence does not have to fulfill the expectation of confidence, while a person who is not confident does not comprehend this and is compelled to act confident as a means of convincing themselves and others of their own confidence and self assurance.


This is one of those areas where up is down and black is white.

If you know what i mean.

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