Setting up a Healing Tao?

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I find that the healing tao bearaucracy is a joke. Who are they to say you can teach this meditations? On the other hand it is good. Anyway, I dont want to have them certify me in shit. I mean, thats cool, but not really. So anyways, I have a meditation to like 30 people at a potluck dinner yesterday and it was very well received. Did a quick 8 peice of brocade, meditation and massage...anyways, people want more...but I am not "certified" to teach by the Healing Tao or anyone, not that I would be teaching strictly their shit, but I think thats one of the best programs. Anyways, there is the American Association of Taoist Studies, there is other ones that are cool, but I want to start me own, what should it be called?


How about


Eternal Church of the Tao


The Clear Monastary (get it? cant see it!)


Eternal Church of the Universe


Trinity Universal Church


Church of the One Love


Church of the 3rd eye

i will stop saying or now

Church of Aquarius

Love of God International


shit, this sucks,

how about

Heavenly Mother Church*******

yeah! thats a good 1!

Pure Water International

Church of the Ark

Church of the Holy Grail


Fountain of Youth International




Garden of Eden

Healing Meditations

Higher Meditations

Balanced Meditation

Order of the Tao

Golden Ratio Meditations


Chi and Tea


Art of Meditation

Art of being


Healing Heart Meditation

Healing Heart Arts

Bridge of Fire

nice! aaaaawwwwwwwwwww

uuuuuh uuuuhhh


Heavenly Mother Liberation Front


Taoist meditation arts

Arts Of the Way

Way of Art meditation

fuck the healing dao universal tao

universal Dao

healing Tao



this Healing Dao is really good, perhaps I should just change the D to a t? is that legal?

living tao

the zendao buddhood

buddha hood


church of buddhachrist

Buddha Meditations

buddha Tao

BUddha tao meditaions

BUddha tree meditations

Big Buddha meditation

Eagle Meditation

Iron Eagle Meditation

jade stalk? where have i heard that?

Dragon fire meditation

dancing baby meditation

prenatal meditation

cosmic meditation

church of the heavenly mother liberation front :lol::lol::lol:

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