4 year old mcdonalds burger & fries

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The laws regarding how Trans fats are labeled have made this particular issue troublesome.

Recently there was a case in federal court a few years ago which deregulated what the food industry has to do when labling ingredients and nutritional value labels on food.

Before the deregulation, hydrogenated oils were considered transfats. But during the trial, it was deemed that hydrogenated oils are more closely related to plastic! Thus since plastic is not a food it was found that it could not be regulated by the FDA!

Though real trans fats do exist, one example is coconut oil, looking for trans fats is not a decent way anymore to avoid these contaminants (hydrogenated oils).

It is no longer required for companies to label oils if they are hydrogenated or not either, though some still do out of courtesy.



In fact the legal stuff is almost making it difficult for people like me to inform the general public about the additives in foods like McDonalds also. Now I cannot say McDonalds has so and so in their food. And in fact when people ask at McDonalds they refer them to the website for product ingredient information. However if you get someone nice, you can ask them to read the ingredient label on the oil they use and then you can find out for yourself weather or not their food contains said item.


Scarey huh?


I bought a 20lb block of margarine from a food warehouse back in 2002 I had it open in my garage for 2 years. During that time, there was no rotting smell, and the flies would not even eat it!

It looked the same as the day I had bought it. That is what margarine is, hydrogenated vegitable protien. Very similar to the oils.


There are a lot of people even the companies that need to be shown compassion about this so that they can see what is happening to the people.

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