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(EYE) Funeral or Death Energy Stucked in you!

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If you have some red lines in your eye like the above pattern, like a tree branch or a broom going this way, it is telling you that you have "SONG SAAT" in you or "MA YEE SAAT" in you.


"SONG SAAT" -- this is the funeral negative energy. If you attended a funeral or have someone close that pass away, you might get some of their death energy stick onto you. If you did not dissolve it, it may stick on to you for a long time, causing you to have lack of motivation, procrasinate, grumpy, tiredness, bad luck and always feel depress.


"MA YEE SAAT" -- this is the funeral negative energy from attending funerals. If you have attended a funeral, you might get this as well. This kind of funeral energy is generated by the dead person because it want to tell people that he is dead. So he will spread and distribute a type of energy that makes people feel "sad" and "depress". This kind of energy must be cleansed out, if not it can bring you lots of bad luck in a long period of time.


If you see this in your eye, it must be for a long time that you haven't cleanse out the funeral energy from the last time you heard about somebody passed away or you attended a funernal. If you do not cleanse it out now, it might get even worst as time goes on. I have seen clients having this for over 5years and she kept on loosing her jobs, bad luck and no motivation for work, when she come over, she told me she want to die too.


To solve this problem, you can request for a Funernal-energy FU, this is for wearing around the neck for 7days to dissolve the negative funernal energy. After the 7th day, you get yourself in a Fu-water bath with a "MA YEE SAAT FU" which wash out the dissolved toxic for you and finalize the whole case. Then it is solved!


Mak Tin Si

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