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Just dropping by to give a little info about myself and then I'll just do what I do best... NOTHING. :D


My name is Mickey, I'm a 17 year old living in Iowa of the United States. I absolutely despise formal education, and can't wait to graduate. I don't trust the government, and I suppose I could be labeled as a Conspiracy Theorist but I'm not overly paranoid.


I like Astrology, Spirituality, Religion, etc. I just say I'm a Taoist cause I don't enjoy any of the other labels, otherwise I'd say I'm everything. I feel as if you can learn from all religions, so I read up on just about anything.


I'll probably stick around these forums for a while, I might not post everyday but you know how it goes.


So that's about all I've got, if you've any questions, hit me. B)

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