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Hound's Fangue

Hey ya' all

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Hound's Fangue here.


This is my intro post.


I only have internet at work but from a brief look at TTBs website I see I'm gonna have to get it at home to have time for averything.


I am a basset hound enthusiast, tho am dog-free at present. The fangue part is just my poke at scarey names.


My enthusiasms, (I'm 51) have been multifarious, East, West, Poly, Mono, anything with depth. I also am a history buff, especially pathological cults and totalitarianism and its big shots.


My present and serious enthusiasm is Yan Xin Qigong.


Motorcycles are eternal.


Who but I know the mystery of the untwisted Oreo?


Got to get back to work,



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