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I'm Argentum Corvus.

I found this group through a Google search. I live in North Little Rock Arkansas.

I've joined for a variety of reasons but did so mainly from a concern that the person you know as "Gossamer" follows the board rules. I'm determined that he does not continue to libel me here as he has done on so many other groups. I am not here to cause any problems, I'm just here to answer any questions and let people get to know me.

If "Gossamer's" rants have raised any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


I'll be happy to answer your questions truthfully and to the best of my ability,

Argentum Corvus

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Thank You :D


Ah, Yes, but!

Argentium is less apt to tarnish!!!

(Why they add it(actually germanium) to silver when making sterling.)

an old stone of Neptune when an alchemist plays, an interesting stone of choice.

Might be good to be a tarnish resistant crow! ;)


... or a bunch of silver, longer shining, stars maybe ...

Either way,lol


I am Shonton Ga.

Hope you enjoy your time here


Stay well,


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