Artistic Instinctual 'Qigong'

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London blanketted w/ snow this morning


Warmed up quick enough with practice, then suddenly remembered something:


Andy Goldsworthy - his book, 'Time'


(If you don't know: he's a land artist who works in nature using only locally found materials)



Working in freezing Nova Scotia on something like this:




... he says:

... began to freeze a circular arch around the tip of a large boulder. Felt better once I had begun working; warmth began to flow and I was able to work without gloves. Art generates its own energy and warmth -- different from the heat produced by physical work -- something I cannot explain.


After a few hours, the work collapsed. A wave of cold went through me and I had to put my gloves back on.

[my emphasis]


He's such a Taoist artist as well


Wants to see his work change, comes back and photographs it when the elements have altered it.


Some amazing stuff in that book, one of my faves:




There's a great movie about him too, excerpts on YouTube.



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