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I was thinking of seeing a practitioner of Harmonium in NYC this spring and was wondering if anyone is familiar with this practice. It says on the Rootlight website that Harmonium raises the vibration rate in a way that is not possible with medicines, herbs, etc. The cost is expensive though, 150 dollars for a 1 hour session, and it is recommended to get 7 sessions for the full effect. Just wondering if anyone has tried it or knows anything about it.

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Classical east indian instrument. Funny I listened to my teacher play one almost everyday I visited in 2003. All instruments tune your vibration rate. Especially ones with dense harmonics like that.

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The things were brought to India by Christian missionaries. I used to live at a yoga place and I love the things. I dont know about healing vibes though.

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I learned a little about it by watching Borat. See 2:50...


Everybody dance now!




That Is Just So Wrong!


Hi billb!

Nice to meet you!


Harmoniums are GREAT!!!


Should be lots of places in NYC to check them out

if you just want to listen and see what they are first

before shellin' out a hundred and fifty bucks.

Hear them used in Indian music alot.

Have been to lots of yoga studios that at least one person there owned one, lol

(have some stories about them but won't torture you all with them!)

Have a friend in Ny who is a Rabbi who does wonderful Hebrew Kirtans!

If your in the city I can let you know someplace he'll be playing.

Krishna Das Is a great one to listen to also, know he plays a lot out in NYC.

Sanskrita, Hindi, english singing along with it usually.

They do have an Incredible feel to them!

People use every instrument for "healing".

Sometimes the person playing does just have an amazing gift and that's how it manifests.

Sounds like it's worth checking out but, personally,

if you hadn't heard one played(maybe you have),

I'd want to check it out and see if you even like the thing first.

If it sounds like fingernails on a chalk board...

... maybe go and find a didge player instead !!!




Have fun either way!



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I did not know there was 2 Harmonyums but I was not speaking of the musical instrument I was speaking of the healing method which works on the spine at the Rootlight website. It is claimed that Harmonyum raises the vibrational level to a point which can not be achieved through herbs, medicines etc. and is available in NYC. My problem with many of these techniques in the past has been you feel good for a few hours or days and then go right back to where you were, this is why I use cultivation practices instead, but this one sounds like there may be some permanance to the work itself.

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