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i am always trying to keep balance, with things


for example


i work hard at my quiet mentaly taxing job of teaching

i take hard physical exercise in martial arts

i try to meditate each day


and i leave time for play :rolleyes:


ok so not the hardest of regimines but every little helps


one of my favourite current "gurus" is Eckhart Tolle, i love his writing andhis lectures a few of which i have in DVD format, how ever on wacthing one of these DVD the opening sequence had Mr. Tolle walking down to ta river and it struck me how unhealthy he looked as he was walking really like an fraile old guy. now there is no doubt that this man really has something of value to teach, and i in no way meant o be disrespectful i know he has been through a lot. i would really like to know how he feels about balancing his physical body with his spritual knowledge........


but i can't ask him


so i want to ask you guys

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