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About The Dao de Jing (Tao te Ching) For Mak Tin Si

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Dear Sir,


I've meditated and thought on this for several days now.


You tell us that the Dao de Jing (Tao te Ching) was written for a Prince or a King , I would put to you that we are now Princes and Kings.


The DDJ/TTC is all the Western world knew of Daoism for a very long time, before people like yourself came along.


Now, I also would put to you that a livable (Living?) Philosophy can be learned from the Dao de Jing (Tao te Ching).


Is it ALL of Daoism, no, but I never claimed that it was (or IS).


And nature is also a great teacher, Along with the DDJ/TTC.


And most of us here in the West have been looking into similar philosophies and spiritualities, for quite a long while.


But the point here is that (as I said before) WE are now the Princes and Kings, and we now have access to literally hundreds of different translations of the DDJ/TTC, and some of them are very, very close to the original Chinese.


I know that's it's probably as hard for YOU to understand US, as it is for us to understand you.


We have two entirely different cultures clashing here and not to mention how one dimensional the internet exchange of energy is.


When the people who asked you to please stop monopolizing the discussion forum with all of your posts, when they asked that, they weren't being like the Communist Chinese Police, they were just trying to reason with you in the English language (your second language), that perhaps it would be kinder and more understanding and more polite to not overburden the forum with too many posts in one day.


No one is demanding that, just politely asking.


If it was Chinese Communist Police, you would NOT be posting here, period.


Isn't that correct?


But instead, they asked you politely to not post too much in the discussion forum, because that leaves hardly any space for anyone else to post.


Do you understand these two issues Sir?


Thank you for taking the time and energy to read my post.



Peace, gossamer

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