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Any LINUX User's Here?

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I'm looking for any Linux (especially Ubuntu user's) user's here on the forum.


Here's the problem, somebody else has long distance administrator (sudo) control rights on my computer.


I need a Linux sudo user 'formula' or command to WIPE OUT the complete hard drive, and over ride the person who has control of my computer.


I've tried to wipe the hard drive using a sudo command, but it always ends up saying "PERMISSION DENIED".


I would go to a Linux forum, but they just think that anyone who uses Ubuntu CAN'T be hacked.


And they make fun of anyone who claims that Ubuntu can be pierced from the outside (from someone on the internet).


Funny. lol :lol:


If you know Linux, and you know more than I about getting around a sudo command somehow, I'd love to talk to you.



Thanks a lot. gossamer

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