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I am Kip Mazuy of Bliss Music. Not big on talking about myself so you can read more about me in this interview here


Would like to submit a weekly short article on meditation/awareness every week to your site. Was recommended to your site by one of my clients.


Here is an example:


"In Truth,

awareness is not an action.

It is not something you do.


Awareness simply is,


& unceasingly.


When everything else is taken away,

awareness remains.


But because

you are so used

to identifying

with thoughts,

you are not aware

of awareness itself.


So there are methods

such as learning to witness

the thoughts,

learning to let go of the thoughts,

noticing the sensations that you feel

in this moment.


These methods are there

to stop you from being distracted

by your thoughts,

to stop you from

being involved with thinking,

so that you look deeper

and discover the awareness

that is there at your essence.


Then all that is left

is to remain in this awareness.


It could all be said

by saying

'stop being involved with thought'

and awareness would automatically

be apparent.


But the attachment to thinking

is so strong

something else is necessary.


So there is shaktipat

to awaken you to this essence.


There are methods

to awaken you to the awareness

that is always present

in every moment."





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