Hasta La Vista, bums!

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Hey everybody,


I want to thank everyone for the enjoyable conversations and discussions I've had here.


For the next month or so, I'm going to take a break from ALL non-essential internet activity to learn a few things I've put off here at Wudang (put off because I didn't want to do them!), and I'm going to really be spending all of my computer time to finish up my project at http://www.wudangquan.com . . .


Basically I'm going to have to translate about 10 hours of video, including some heavy discussions on theory, etc. as well as the movments, the meditation system, the xin yu/heart language, etc. and I'm going to have to do heavy video editing and formatting.


Those of you who have gotten to know me hopefully realize that I'm a "no-BS" dude and I generally try to help people as much as I can, if they're sincerely interested and not just rubbernecking.


I also don't front about who or what I am or perp myself up.


That being said - I'm going to CRUSH IT with delivering an online Neigong program that anybody can really benefit from - the likes of which have never been made available before.


Everything will be done online with streaming video and such. And not the boring videos of me making slideshows on abstract theory (but hey - I still really liked doing it and I definitely got value from doing it!). It'll be real time stuff, from my teacher here at Wudang.


So here's the thing . . .


I want to spam you.


You want me to spam you. Believe me.


While I'm gearing up to let this out for people, I'm going to be releasing a bunch of crazy free stuff. Do yourself a favor and go to http://www.wudangquan.com and click the picture of the book and sign up to get it.


The book is ok.


More importantly, because of bandwidth considerations I'm only going to make the material available to a limited number of people when it's ready, and getting onto the mailing list will be like a pre-registration and I can let you know exactly when you need to sign up.


So that's it. I'm not going to lather you up and tell you we're going to release your inner lizard, or beam you up to the mothership.


It is what it is.


But I know there are some people here who would like to learn a real, complete neigong system that don't have access to a teacher, or can't find a good teacher . . .


So take it easy bums . . . I might drop by like once in a blue moon, and then I'll be back after the dust settles, but right now I have crazy work to do.



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