Hi everybody from germany

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I'm a german guy at 39 years.


My interests are Wai tan (exterior cinnabar), also Nei tan. All these alchemy subjects which are magical breathed on.


I also studied western alchemy over years and made some experiments with gold, quicksilver, silver ... including self-experiments (unfortunately). You would not see my physical damages, but i feel it sometimes. My body has changed, it is not bad at all, but there are some ugly byeffects.


The really interesting are the parallels between western and eastern alchemy. It is the same principle, only the goals are different. The eastern alchemy searches for longvity, while the western searches more for gold. But both knew an elixir and in both cases there are the same components.


I'm also interested in bigu, but could not reach it yet.


If you have any information about the marvelous transformations of cinnabar, please contact me. I also can give you some practical information. I also can leave my body and show you, how to do, if you like.


Best regards


Blue cinnabar

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Thank you for the warm welcome!




Thank you very much for the information. German is my mother language, but I'd prefer writing in english, cause this is an english board. If you like, write me a personal (german) mail.


Maybe this would be a worthwhile experience to contact David. Have you ever tried it?


My experiences with quicksilver and cinnabar I will place in a blog for anybody interested.

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